Come Real Or Don't Come At All

This blog is kind of a warning to my readers who may ask me  questions about their dating habits, relationships or marriages. If you ask me a question, be prepared to get the truth and a very honest answer. My answers may hurt your feeling and also make you take a hard look at yourself. That's why this blog is only for adults, because I write about grown up things and situations. The reason I write this way is because dating is not for children and all relationships or marriages should be taken very seriously. In my writings I try to explain in simple words, backed up with a few facts on how a man or woman should approach dating. If they are able to get pass the dating process, then comes the hard part the relationship and if  you are lucky marriage. Dating is the real process of knowing if someone is worth, the time or effort to take it to the next level. Before the dating process begins there first must be a connection. One must like what they see, then enjoy talking or communicating with the person they are interested in and very soon after that find out if there is enough chemistry between the both of them to build something special. That's when a person should go beyond physical attraction, then trust their instincts and especially their hearts. Sometimes we all get a certain gut or vibe that warns us or lets us know if that person is good, right or wrong for us. 

  Before anyone begins to date, establish a relationship or even think about marriage they must be real or truthful with themselves.They can't start off dating someone new by bringing their past hurts or pains with them. If one hasn't gotten over their ex emotionally or physically then the truth is they shouldn't be dating. Also if there are men or women out there that don't trust men or women because they have been hurt in their past, they should do the smart thing by taking sometime to themselves to get to know who they really are all over again. My advice to any man or woman is this, if you just broke up with your girlfriend, boyfriend, divorced your husband or wife don't date or see anyone until you have spent sometime by yourself. That way you can really think about what went wrong and do somethings to improve yourself for your next relationship. The mistake most men or women make is blaming their ex spouses for their heartaches or pains without taking real responsibility for their own actions. Also if you haven't learned from your past failures or mistakes you are definitely not ready for a relationship, because we all have made them. If you happen to be one of those people who play the blame game, by saying or thinking that reason why it didn't work was because of someone else. If you feel that way, I have few questions to ask you, Are you perfect? Are you saying you did nothing wrong at all? If it was so bad why did you date them, then build a relationship, marry them and stay with them so long? Why didn't you leave? And if men or women are so bad why are you even thinking about dating or starting over at all? That's right answer these question honestly or truthfully and search your heart. When you do, Come Real Or Don't Come At All. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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