It Takes Two

One of the great or wonderful things about waking up in the morning, other than the obvious, that everyday there are always things in the world, that may surprise you, make you smile or happy, make you think, may inspire or amaze you and if you lucky miss that special person you been thinking or dreaming about. Life as we all know it will never be easy, but in my opinion there is nothing more precious in this world than having a special someone, by your side that will love you a lifetime. If one is lucky or blessed then they may also have some loving children and family to match, which can make life extra special. That is why I am writing about this topic today, because I received a letter from a reader of mine which touched my heart. In her letter she expressed to me that she is very much in love with a man that has captured her heart. She loves him so much that she is willing to give up and leave everything behind just to be with him.(Wow! That must be one special guy!) But there is one very big problem, that has to be solved or addressed, before she finally makes her move. Before she moves they have to find a way to compromise and come together as one. After you read her letter then you will see, just as I have that love it self isn't quite enough to keep them together. Instead they both  have to learn what all couples should, which is how to learn and live with the others thoughts, opinions or differences.

Hello Chuck,
How are you? I was introduced to your blog by a friend of mine last month. I been reading your postings everyday trying to catch up with her and your other readers. I must say, that I am really amazed that a man could have so much thought and compassion within in him. I love reading your thoughts when it comes to love, relationships and marriage. Anyway, let me tell you a little about myself, my name is Annie, I have been a nurse here for about 15 years. I live in Portland, Maine which is a very progressive city. I am in love with a wonderful man, that I met online and have been seeing for over a year. Chuck , he is such an amazing man, he is very loving, caring, supportive, great cook, very clean, neat respectable, has a great job, has a beautiful body, awesome in bed and loves me for me. He is everything a woman could want in a man and more! Even though he is athletically built, sexy as hell and very handsome, he loves me even though I am over weight. He looks at me beyond my flaws that's why I know in my heart that I have truly found true love. A man like that can get any woman he wants and he always tells me despite my insecurities, that he only have eyes for me. He is so sweet sometimes that I want to cry tears of joy, because he is so wonderful!

 I know after reading what I have wrote about him I know you are thinking what's the problem? For one we can't seem to compromise or see eye to eye on anything. He thinks most things should be done his way and I think I know better. Even though I love him, he is so bull headed and stubborn, this man sometimes won't listen to me. That part about him scares me, because I hate to take a chance and move in with him if we can't come together on all issues. He wants me to give up my job here and move to Orlando, Florida. Even though I know I can easily get a job there in my field, I would be giving up my home and everything I established in my career here. The only reason I am even considering moving, is because I know I have a very special man and I am willing to give it all up for love for a lifetime. I love him so much and I can't see myself living without him. Please help me with my problem Chuck, because I don't want to loose him!
Your friend and reader for life,
Annie B

Hi Annie,
This was a very deep letter , I really appreciate your thoughts and honest opinions. After reading your letter I have a couple of thoughts. One from your letter he seems to be a very good guy, that loves you and one that will do almost anything to please you. If that's the case I feel that he may be willing to bend or compromise with you on some issues. Maybe the issues he doesn't want to compromise on, you should instead listen, hear him out and find out why he feels that way. He may know something about that issue or problem that you don't and its my opinion that you should trust him. My other thoughts from reading your letter, is that when two people make a life changing decision both are taking the risk, not just one. Even though he hasn't personally written me I feel that his feelings for you are just as deep as yours. Its my opinion when a person ask someone they love to move in with them especially from another state that they have thought it out and that they have very deep feelings for the person they are interested in. It is also saying without saying, there is no one in my city, state or world that I rather be with than you. You two have a problem that's very easy to solve, because you both love each other very much. When you both realize that it not about the individual and that  It Takes Two to make it, then your relationship will last for a lifetime. Annie, I wish and your true love nothing but love and happiness.
Good luck and God bless,


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