If you happen to be reading this please allow me to ask you a few questions. Doesn't it look nice or cute when you see a couple that are affectionate, loving and passionate in public? Isn't in also nice when you see couples or married people that are so in love that they even start looking like real brothers and sisters? To give you an example these people are the ones, that are always kissing, holding hands, hugging, dressing a like and every time you see one of them the other isn't very far behind them. Everywhere you look they are always together, in church, out eating, at the movies and even at mall. They are so in love even the children they had together are matching everything they are wearing. Sounds like perfect couples or soul-mates right? If you answered yes, allow me to enlighten you on a few facts and in the process pass on to you a few quotes from my late grandmother. She would always say, Grandson what looks good on the outside isn't always good on the inside or what glitters gold isn't always gold. Then she would say don't become envious or jealous of people who seem to be in love, because what happens behind most of those closed doors would surprise you.

 After sometime I began to realize that my late grandmother's words were in deed fact. Many people put on a show or a mascaraed appearing to be in love in public, but behind closed doors they are very sad or unhappy. Its a known fact that 85 percent of all couples and newly married people separate within a year. The main reason is because what they show in public or online doesn't match what happens inside their homes or bedrooms. A recent scientific survey, shows that over half of all married people in the world today are unaffectionate or sexless and most of them don't trust the other. Also 75 percent of them don't have anything significant together, other than children and many men who think that they are real fathers are just step fathers. Those that are really fathers, also have outside children with other mothers. Behind closed doors some individuals that are in relationships or marriages feel as if they were alone, by themselves, in prison and feeling unloved or unappreciated. It's sad to say ,but most couples today can't even have a decent conversation without fussing, fighting or arguing. If you see some of these couples in person, you would think that they are in love, have it all or made, when in fact they are very sad or unhappy.

 This fact became very really evident, after I received my second letter from a male reader. After reading his letter ladies, I want to let you know that just like you, men have feelings to. There are thousand of men out there, that are unhappy, who are fed up, tired of the games and have some very ungrateful or unappreciative women at home. Men in general get tired of putting on a show or an act in front of other people, just to please their wife or woman, when in fact they are very miserable at home. I am not going to expose to much of my readers letter, because I promised him that I wouldn't post it on line. But what I can say is that there are many men, who are very tired of women doing only what it takes to get their men and not enough to keep them happy behind closed doors or in the bedroom. To help those who read this clearly understand what I am trying to say, I will give you a small sample of this couples argument. One day there was a certain couple was out together, then one of them noticed that there were other couples out being close, holding hands, hugging, loving each other or being very affectionate out in the open. She looked over at her husband with a smile then said" Honey, why can't they be more like those other couples?" Then he looked at her, then said because we would be putting on an act, a show or a mascaraed and it wouldn't be real. Then he went on to say, we aren't like that behind closed doors so why act like that in public? From the look in the woman eyes, I could tell that the husband words were real, because she didn't say a thing. The question I have for you is your relationship or marriage for real or is it a Mascaraed? Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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