What Is A Real Man Or Woman?

As a writer, blogger and deep thinker you never know where your next inspiration will come from. It can come from the news, a conversation with friends or family, something posted online, some soft music, talk show, barbershop and just maybe from a passing stranger.That's why I enjoy writing so much, because  after I hear it, I get inspired enough to share my feeling and thoughts with my readers.This ideal that came to me today, is from a centuries old conversation that many men and women have with each other even today.What may surprise you, because it happen to surprise me, this question was asked by a young teenage male that was being chastised by his mother. I don't know about you, but it makes me feel real proud when I see parents take real interest in their children. So many children are lost today, not because times have changed but because some parents today show no real interest in teaching and raising their children.What parents need to realize is that teaching and raising children is a never ending cycles. Which means our parents raised us, just like theirs did before them and we should do the same for our children. If parents teach and raise their children right, in time their own children will become great parents.Which brings me to the topic of today, What is a real man or woman?

This question was asked by a teenage male, who was being chastised by his mother. What brought this to my attention was one day I was shopping at a local store.There I noticed a nice looking family on their way in to the store that I was leaving. Like all children do, the male teen ran into the store without opening the door for his mother and his little sister. I could tell that his mother was hot or mad, because very soon after that she grabbed her daughters hand, then rushed in right behind him. She yelled at him then said, Real men open doors for little ladies and women! When you father is a away you should act like a real man, not some common thug! I could tell the teen was embarrassed and ashamed because there were some young teenage girls there. But to my surprise and even to his mothers this teen asked his mother this very interesting question. Mom how could you know, how a real man is suppose to act when you happen to be a woman? Then he went on to say, don't you think I could only know how to act or be from a man? Really Mom, how would you know how a real man feels or is suppose to act? She was so mad, that she grabbed him by his ear and said smart ass! By that time her husband arrived, then looked at his wife and said what ?And the family walked away.

 Which got me to thinking, isn't it funny that those who think they know what a real man or woman should behave or act, aren't men or women at all? How could another gender or sex tell the other how to act or what to be like if they aren't that way themselves? I know this is battle of the sexes and some men or women claim to be experts when it comes to this subject! But come on men or women do you really know what you are talking about? Men and women should stop using this for a argument. Because no man or woman has to right to tell the opposite sex how to behave or how to act.That's why there are fathers, mothers, males, females and role models so that the young males or females can learn from them. Not from some male or female telling them how a real man or woman is suppose to behave or how to act! My question to you if you happen to be from the opposite sex how could you know, What is a real man or woman? Write in then express your thought or view's on the subject.


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