Being A Little Messy

Have you ever noticed that some people can't help but to judge you or have the nerve to tell you how you should live your own life? Funny, I know because it happens to us all everyday. Some of our family members, so called friends, co-workers and even nosy neighbors try their best to get involved with other peoples business. Some of them are busy trying to figure out why a person is driving a certain car, living in a certain neighborhood, who or why are in a relationship with, what clothes or shoes they are wearing and some have the nerve to tell you what you should be doing with your own money. If they could they would peak into your windows, just to know what you are doing behind closed doors. What's funny to me is while some people, are trying to judge my life and others, they themselves have plenty to work on within their own lives. It makes me want to ask some people, why do you care about what car I am driving, where I live, who I am involved with and why I am, who I am or why I do certain things? Its my life and I am going to live it the way I want to! Your advice( if it isn't positive), comments, criticism and thoughts aren't really needed. Why? Because you aren't paying my bills, you aren't going to give me any money, you don't understand my situation or what I am going through and you aren't about to help me with any of my problems! After all when it comes to your own life, don't you want to live it the way you want to?

I know some of my readers may be saying to themselves, Wow! Chuck is really going off! Well not really, I am Being A Little Messy and having some fun. Besides that its part of my personality to have fun with people who are that way. I love matching wits with nosey or messy people and telling them a peace of my mind. We all have that side of us that refuses to be, talked about or run over. Those type of people make the other person or other side come out of us and then Mister or Misses nice guy or girl goes right out the window. What made me act this way today? After I got off from work today a certain co-worker was talking about my car. He walked up to me , then said Chuck how long have you had that car? Isn't that a 2001? A man like yourself should be driving something more up to date, like a 2014 Mercedes, Lexus or Infinity. I looked at him then said, "Yes its a 2001, had it for 8 years and its paid for"! Besides that who are you to know what I have in my pockets? Then he said well you work here with me and I know what you are making, I am just saying that car doesn't fit you. Maybe in your eyes I said, but this is all I can afford, besides that man, shouldn't you be minding your own business? I know some of you may say, Chuck that was kind of mean and you shouldn't be talking to people that way. Well before you judge me, like everyone else let me explain. This person who criticized my car has been married four times, has nine children with different women, on drugs, late on child support and is in debt up to his eyeballs. Its people like that with problems of their own that I can't help but Being A Little Messy. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.

                      Food For Thought
I know those who may have already read my blog, maybe saying to themselves, this wasn't there when I first read it. Well you are right, but sometimes you can't gather your thoughts all at once. Its funny to me that SOME PEOPLE that think they know it all or seem that they have it all together are the ones that really have problems. They are quick to give advice or judge others, while they themselves are struggling behind closed doors. They can't keep a man, woman or no one wants them, have drama or problems at home, their children are bad as hell or out of control and their bill collector's are ringing their cell phones off the hook. But they have the nerve to look at you, like you are doing something wrong.

 All you have to do is walk into a room that's filled with family members, friends or co-workers and all of the sudden everyone stops talking or the room gets quiet. You know they are talking about you and your name is on their lips. When this happens all I do is revert back to my Jerry curl days, scream, then moon walk like Micheal Jackson and give them something to really talk about! (smile) Yes, some of them may be driving nice cars, live in a fancy home, have a great jobs or make good money. But are they really happy? It seems to me if they were, then they wouldn't be in worried about my life or other peoples business! Most people who look at other peoples life from the outside, don't really have a real life of their own. Being A Little Messy!


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