Busted!!! ( Behind Closed Doors)

Haven't you ever noticed that most people who become couples after time seem to look a like? They sometimes dress alike, they are always together, seem to be so much in love, never fuss or fight in public and appear to be the happiest people in the world. From the outside they seem to be perfectly happy, in love and have it all. After time you might find yourself envying or becoming jealous of them, because as you may already know good men or women these days are very hard to find. That may have you questioning yourself, wondering why you aren't married or found your Mister or Misses Right?  These days who gets married and then stays together forever? Where do you find those couples who have been married 50 years plus to their high school sweethearts? Who doesn't these days have more than one baby daddy or mother? Today its normal to find a man or woman that's been married multiple times or that's been in more relationships than they could count. Today its a fact of life weddings are mostly for show and after they are married the first sign of trouble, most people either get a quick separation, then seek divorce, run away or cheat on their spouses.

One day I looked outside  of my apartment window and saw a beautiful couple that anyone would admire. Every morning a family of four ( a boy, girl husband and wife) would meet at the husbands car before he went to work. The wife would be holding a warm cup of coffee that she prepared for him and the children were there hugging their fathers legs. Then he would take the cup of coffee, kiss his wife and the children, then drive off. The children would catch the bus waving good bye and the wife would go back into their apartment to prepare the meals for her departed family. I would smile and say to myself that's one lucky man. Maybe one day I thought to myself, I can find me a woman that's loyal and  have a family that's loving as this one. If you looked at them like I have from the outside, they would seem like the perfect couple and family. Little did I know that wasn't the case, Behind Closed Doors.

The very next morning that very same family was together again like they were yesterday. The husband kissed his wife, then also the children and drove off to work. Children caught the bus they were waiting on and the wife quickly went back upstairs to their apartment. Before I closed my curtain windows, I noticed that there was a strange car parked across the street with its lights on, that I never seen before. The car drove into the park in lot and a man got out, then went into the families apartment. At first I thought it was nothing of it, until later I heard the sounds, of two people making passionate love. Its lasted for an hour then the man got into his car then drove off. This same thing repeated itself four days a week, while the husband was away working and while the children were at school. When the children and husband got home from work the wife happily greeted them at the door as if she missed them. I said to myself, Wow this woman is one awesome actor, because when they are gone she is a stone cold freak, Behind Closed Doors!

The very next day the things I wrote about repeated themselves over and over again. Until one day unexpectedly the husband got off from work early while the husbands wife and her lover were together Behind Closed Doors. The husband got out of his car walked upstairs, opened the door and all hell broke out. First I heard yelling, then screaming, fighting, then yelling , screaming and fighting again. A door opened and then the man was running to his car, with the husband not far behind him. Before the man could get into his car the husband gave him a  real good beating and then unexpectedly again the wife grabbed  her husband from behind. She looked at him then said Baby stop! What you saw wasn't what it seem and it only happened once, I'm sorry! Then he looked at her then said, Stop lying, you been busted and now I know what you been doing while I am away working, Behind Closed Doors. Write in then express your thoughts or feeling on the subject.


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