Finding Your Equal

Dating or finding someone new to love can be quite difficult these days. Gone are the days where co-workers, friends or family members introduced you to your new potential date or future spouse. That good man or woman can't be found in church, the mall or even at your local grocery store. Today there are no more blind dates and there are no need for hook ups anymore. Why? Because technology has taken over, with Internet dating sites, apps on cell phones or smart devices , talk and radio shows that help aid single people who are searching for love. The question is what happens when you finally meet that person you are interested in face to face? Will you be able to talk or communicate with them and will you both have anything in common, any type of chemistry or anything to say? If you were smart you would have had a couple conversations with them on the phone and also used instant messenger. Even after each of you have done all of this, both still will have questions that need to be answered. You may ask yourself these questions, even though I have seen them online and had conversations with them over the phone, will they look as nice as the pictures they posted online or will they look completely different? Or you may think that they seem nice over the phone, but you may be afraid that they may change over time. I know when meet two people meet each other for the very first time, things can be very awkward or strange and neither one of you want to appear too be nervous or over anxious.

If you happen to be reading this, I say this jokingly but also seriously, hopefully your mother or father raised you with standards and even if they didn't I would hope that you have developed some of your own. After all you aren't on a date with them just because of their beautiful smile, handsome or pretty face, gorgeous figure or for the car they drive and surly not for the free food. Any man or woman should be able to pay fro their own food and finding a man or woman that looks good is easy or a dime or dozen. Finding your equal is the hard part and that in my opinion is what dates are for. Yes, dining out at a nice restaurant, enjoying a movie or even the company is good for now, but when two people meet then begin to date its for the sole purpose to find out if they are worthy of getting to know. This when you find out about their parents, where they grew up, what schools they went too, what church they attend, what's their favorite color, foods they enjoy, if they have children and what's behind that beautiful smile. After all if there is no chemistry or if you both have nothing in common, then they simply aren't the one and you may have to start finding, looking or searching for your equal all over gain. That's just a part of dating, getting to know someone and Finding Your Equal. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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