Keep Them Interested

 Its always been my opinion that every man or woman should have a plutonic male or female friend, that way when they need advice or an honest opinion then they would really know how the opposite sex feels. A good friend will always give you honest advice, thoughts or opinions rather you like them or not. That point became really evident after being invited as a speaker to a women's conference. One thing that I have discovered is that if a man is in a room full of women, very soon all of them will gain up on him and then voice their displeasure's with all men. One woman walked over to me then said, that she is through with men because most men she says, only want sex and play to many games. While I have heard other women say that after they meet a man, give them their phone number or e-mail address they call , text or e-mail for a little while and after sometime they stop showing interest in them. Then one woman and I really had to laugh about this said, after I gave that negro some, its like the man vanished off the face of the Earth. I know my stuff ain't that bad! All I could do was smile, because here I was in a room with nothing but women, but little did they know that I was a relationship blogger. They didn't know that writing about love, relationships or marriage is my passion and I love finding solutions when it comes to matter's of the heart.

After the ladies got through venting I asked a few of them to sit at a table with me, then I gave each of them a link to my site. After each one looked at my web page, they each smiled and then one said okay Mr Relationship expert, what did you think about our thoughts? I smiled at each of them, then said the real reason why you ladies are having problems with your men is, because none of you seem to realize that you didn't do anything to keep them interested. Before you guys jump on me again, men have the same problem as you do. We give our cell phone numbers or e-mail addresses, then some of you don't call, text or e-mail for a while and then out of the blue you text or call. What's funny to me or to most men is, that some of you expect us too still remember who you are. Then some of you start off being loving, sweet, sexy, supportive or understanding and very soon after you have made them yours, some of you stop or begin to change. Like some of you may say to your men, "Don't start nothing you can't finish"! One of them then said, I know that's right Chuck! Then I smiled , then said as you can see men and women have the same problems when it comes to keeping someone interested.

Then one of them asked, well Chuck how do we keep our men interested? Then I looked at her, and said by being true to yourself or as my mother would say treat him the same way you expect to be treated. If a man gives you his number if you are really like him or interested, then you should call or text him right away and if you aren't interested or if he isn't your type then tell him right away. Also if you happen to be seeing someone or in a relationship at the time, be upfront and honest, after all men also dislike women who play games. The real key to keeping them interested is by staying in touch, with text messages or phone calls and never start anything that you can't finish. That means letting them know that their needs, wants or desires are just important as yours. If you do that they will stay interested, if they don't then they are really the person you are looking for. Which brings me to the question of today, how to keep them interested? By being unselfish and treating them with the same respect that you demand for yourself everyday. Also by making sure that they are happy, satisfied and understanding their wants or needs. The old saying is if your man or woman looses interest in you ,very soon they will be interested in others, because after all there are more fish in the sea! That's why you should always do what it takes to, Keep Them interested. Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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