For The Children

As you may already know every time a couple breaks up or get a divorce it effects each of them financially, physically and mentally. Both have to endure the pains of separation and now have to face the fact that the days, months or years spent together are now behind them or a thing of the past.What ever they have acquired, created, made, had together is either gone or now have to be divided between the two of them and settled in court. What hurts the most is when children conceived during the marriage or relationship, now that have to suffer because of their mother or fathers decision. From this point on their children's lives and even their own will be changed forever.What's happening now not only effect's them both, but also the lives of their child or children. Each of them individually and collectively must figure out what's best to do for the children. Each of them must realize that not only were their worlds torn apart, but also their children's and now each of their lives will never be the same again.

 This is when the questions start to pile up in each of their minds, like; Who gets full custody of the children? Who will they live with and when we both decides, how do we arrange or will I be allowed visits? What amount of money should I demand or spend for support of my child or children? When will I be able to spend time with my child or children now that I and my former spouse are now apart? How will I feel or will I be able to bare the thoughts of some other man or woman helping them raise my child? Will my child or children understand why daddy or momma is no longer around? These are just some of the troubling questions that many divorce of separated couples face everyday. That's why most couples even today, try their very best to stay together even though each of them know in their hearts that they aren't meant be with each other forever. For those who have had enough, tired of arguments, drama, the games, the fighting or lies and now feel that they want to be apart or out no matter what! They should always keep in mind, that they both must always do what's best, For The Children. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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