Never Forget

A great thing about life is that if one takes time to notice the things around them, then they could really learn a lot. There are a lot of simple things that people no matter where they come from should notice and never forget. Each of us got our starts in our mothers womb, later to be born as baby boys or girls. Very soon after that most started walking, talking, learning ,exploring and loving the person or persons that cared for them, then latter to be raised as adults, grown men or women. If one really took the time to examine what I just wrote then they would also realize that is when each of us, first experienced the feeling called love.Think about this for a moment, it was your real mother, father, grandparent or step parent, that cared for, then raised you for the most important parts of your life. They made sure you went to school, then feed you, dressed or cloth you, kept you healthy and safe until you were able to do so on your own or by yourself. They put up with your many personalities, mood changes, stubborn ways and if we got ourselves in trouble they were there to rescues, then discipline us when we needed it. Who we are or what we are today, some of us owe a small or large part of our failures or successes to them. That's why I am saying today, that no one should never forget who or what got them to where they are today. Never forget where you came from or the people who helped you along the way. After all no one gets any where without a little help. Never Forget! Write in then express your thoughts of feelings on the subject.


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