A Christmas Dream Come True

Once there was a lonely woman name Sara, that lived in the state of Alabama. Every year when Christmas is near she finds herself lonely, no boy friend or man and without someone special to love. Yes she has tried dating, searching for love online, Face Book or on the Internet and scanning the local malls, churches or parks for a special man but none that she found, were been able to capture her heart. Even her family, friends and even some co-workers have tried different ways to help her find a man, but even they couldn't find the one she would love or call her own. She was about to give up until her little daughter looked up then said, Mommy write a letter to Santa and ask him to bring you a special man. Then she smiled then said honey it doesn't work that way, Santa can't get your mother a man. Then her daughter looked at her mother then said, well Momma you tried the Internet, you also tried our family and some of your friends. It wouldn't hurt to ask Santa , because every year he always gives me exactly what I ask for. Little did the little girl know that her mother was the one that bought the gifts that she requested. So to keep her daughter from getting a broken heart, she sat down with her than wrote a letter to Santa Clause. Then both went to the mail box, gave it to the postal worker and the woman's daughter smiled then said Santa is going to get my Momma a good man for Christmas!

At the North Poll the elves were reading Santa's mail , then processed all of the request so that they may be filled and delivered on Christmas Day. Everything was going well or as normal until they came across the letter from Alabama. One of the elves yelled, then shouted Santa we have a strange request from Alabama! Then Santa said that always happen this time of the year. We get some who ask for large sums of money, while others ask for bigger items, like boats, cars or homes. You would think that the children are creative, but the parents are even worse with their ideals. What most parents don't realize is that Christmas is mainly for children and not just for receiving, its also for giving. That's why I love this job, because I love touching people's heart, making them happy and hopefully make some of their dreams come true. Then the elf looked up at Santa, then said well you have your work cut out, if you want to make this person happy. Santa then picked up the letter, then read it for himself and said she wants the ultimate gift of love. Too bad love or match making isn't in my department ,because if it were I would do whatever I could to help this lady. Its been five years since she had someone special in her life. Then he told the elf to put the letter on the side and process the other Christmas letters.

The next morning Mrs. Clause was preparing Santa his breakfast, but she noticed that he had a very grim look on his face. The she asked him what was bothering him, then he looked at her and said I can't grant this person their request. Then she smiled then said, "Honey you get letters all the time that you can't fill. He looked at her, then said not like this one with a grim look on his face. Mrs Clause walked over to comfort, Santa and he said "This woman is looking for something I can't give her, which is true love". Then Mrs. Clause, grabbed the letter and read it out loud.

 Dear Santa,
 I am writing you this letter because my daughter asked me too. To tell you the truth I can't believe I am writing you, because I am pretty sure that you aren't really real. Anyway Santa, I been lonely for a very long time(5 long years). I am a single parent raising my beautiful, very smart and intelligent baby girl alone. Every Christmas I feel blessed because everyone in my immediate family, are very happy with their gifts. Sure I am happy because I am also blessed, with a couple of gifts under the Christmas tree, but if I had it my way ,the only real gift I would need is someone very special to love. Santa if there is really a Santa, please help me because I have tried just about everything. You are my last hope and if you can't help me I guess it wasn't meant to be. Maybe I will have to spend every Christmas or every other holiday from now on alone or all by myself. Please help me Santa!
With love,

After Mrs. Clause read her letter, tears started to flow down her face, then she looked at Santa then said Chris you have to help! The Santa looked at his wife, the said you know love isn't my department or my holiday what am suppose I to do? Then she said, you could call your friend Cupid, I know he owes you a couple of favors. Then he looked at he wife, then said Mrs. Clause, I know I married you for a reason and I will get to work on it right away!! Santa got on the phone called Cupid , then explained the situation and even though it was out of season for Cupid,( Which was Valentines Day) he promised to find love for Sara on Christmas day. It was Christmas morning Sara and her daughter were opening their gifts, both were excited because of this very special day. After they finished opening their gifts, Sara looked at her daughter, then said see mommy wrote that letter you asked me too and I still didn't get what I asked for. Then her daughter smiled at her then said," Because Momma your gift is too big to fit under the Christmas tree". At that very moment, there was a knock at the door and then both of them rushed to the door. When Sara opened it, there standing was her old boyfriend who she once loved very much and suddenly old feelings started to flow. She looked at him, then said Bobby what are you doing here? Then he said its hard to explain, I been thinking about you since high school and you never left my mind. You have always been in my heart Sara and I have loved you for all my life. I searched for you for years, on  Face Book, the Internet and other sites. I even asked my friends and family for help. Now what I am about to tell you, may make you think that I am crazy or strange, but I received a letter from the North Poll from Santa. It has your address on it and it said your search for love is now over. Sara you are my Christmas Dream Come True, then they both smiled, kissed and then embraced. The very next year Bobby and Sara were married then lived together happy ever after. From now on they will be spending every Christmas together for the rest of their lives.  A Christmas Dream Come True.
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


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