You, Me And ?

Why are relationships or marriages so complicated? Because sometime people make mistakes then get involved with or marry the wrong people. There are many good reasons why people get into relationships or marriage and I always believed that if any couple has these three basic things in it(Chemistry, Communication and Love) then they will have a relationship or marriage that will last a lifetime. Its the bad choices or reasons like, loving a man or woman because of the great sex, wealth, security  or because they may happen to have children together that get many of us adults into trouble. Like my late grandmother would always say its very easy to get into a marriage or relationship but its hell getting out of one! She would always say Chuck, always look before you leap and make dam sure she is the one, before you ready to make your move. As she would put it, in each of our lifetimes many mistakes will be made, but its the things we regret that hurt the most. Like another thing she would say, you might jump right out of the frying pan right into the fire! In other words if one can avoid making the mistakes that could possibly break their heart, do whatever one can to avoid it. Broken hearts or feelings hurt and it doesn't matter how strong of a man or woman you are it takes a lot of time to get over it. As a man I have made many mistakes and from each of them I learned one very important thought that I will share with you today. Love only who can you love and only those who are capable or willing to love you back. Some of you may get that saying when you finish reading this blog. (smile)

Which brings me to the topic of today, You, Me And? This is a true story about two different marriages that are one in the same. I know those who may read this, will say what are you talking about Chuck? So let me explain; these two different couples have a lot in common with each other. Both are in unhappy marriages, where one in each of the marriages is secretly in love with someone in the other marriage. What's funny or strange about the situation is that each of them could have avoided all this drama or mess if they would have stayed together when they were involved in the first place. But no, now one of the wives is cheating with the husband in the other marriage and what's so funny about it they even go to the same church! Sometimes when one of the husbands or wives are away working or out of town they would make love in each others bedrooms. They also watch football or basketball games together, come to family gatherings or outings and they act like they are best friends. The question is what would happen if one of the husbands or wives finds out that one of the children that he or she thinks is theirs belongs to the other husband or man? Both now are making promises that each will leave their husband or wife, but its really to complicated to leave , because when the secret is revealed there will be a whole lot of explaining to do. The question is, how will both explain to their husband or wives that man or woman, that you are used to seeing on weekends or for family gatherings is the same person I been secretly loving and making love too? You , Me and? When the truth comes out that's a question that each of these couples will one day have to face. The only advice I can give these couple is, that life isn't always perfect but sometimes things will work out for the best if you just have faith. You, Me And? That's the question! Write in , then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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