Classy Or Trashy?

Its the year 2015, the question is if you happen to be single or divorce and searching for love, what type of man or woman are you really looking or searching for? Are you the type that enjoys being in the company of a man with a little ruff edges, you know the criminal, hard, thug type, tattooed, with his nose or ears pierced ? A man with his pants sagging or hanging, tattoos all over his body, earrings in one or both ears, one so bold or stylist enough to wear nose rings or one in his mouth and thuggish enough to have diamond, gold or platinum teeth. If that isn't enough maybe he drives one of those fancy cars with big rims, dark tinted glass and music so loud you could hear them from a mile away? If you are a man maybe are you just only interested in women that wear tight or revealing clothing, tongue rings in her mouth, big breast that pop out of her top like head lights, a butt so big or round that you can rest a beer or soda can on? Or are you conservative or simple type that only wants a classy, intelligent, smart man or woman that dresses, then speaks well, takes care of their bodies, respect their elders, loves their mother, father, children and attends church on Sundays? Is your focus while you are dating or in a relationship is more on their outer appearance  instead of what insides their hearts? Are you more interested in what's between their legs, instead of what's in their heads? Do you want someone to love your mind instead of only thinking about your body or maybe you are only want someone to share your bed with instead of your life? In other words Classy or Trashy?

 I know there maybe some who would read this would say, "Well Chuck, why can't I have the best of both worlds, a man or woman with a little class, freak in the sheets, thug or hard in the streets or a little trashy when my messy friends come around? To those people I would say, there is an old saying my late grandmother or grandfather would say," There is a time or place for everything and finding someone with all of those qualities is almost or nearly impossible". Which means it okay to be a little freaky or trashy in the bedroom, but when a man or woman is out in public it always best to walk around with a little class. That means a man must always be a gentleman, that acts his age and a woman should always be lady like, when out in public. That way when you are both out together, each will get the respect you both deserve. As my late grandfather would say fads, styles or ways will always change, but being a real man or woman will never change. In other words if you choose to date someone who carries themselves in a certain manner or way, then always be prepared to be treated the way that person actually views themselves in the mirror every single day. The question is do you prefer them to be Classy Or Trashy? Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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