Love Triangle

Why is it not always good to introduce your special someone too certain family members or friends especially if  he or she happens to be good looking or very successful? Because some of them have been known to be bold or whorish enough to go after another persons man or woman! Its a known fact that some men or women enjoy or love being involved with someone else's man or woman. I once over heard a woman brag that she loves dating , then getting involved with someone else's man or husband. As she would put it at least I know she said he can't come home with me, he has to go back home. What's funny about this statement is now some men or women are actually having full blown, out in the open affairs or relationships with married people or those they know for a fact are now in current relationships. When I question this lady about her statement and asked her why she didn't have a man of her own. She looked at me then smiled and said, "Baby you wouldn't know because you are a man, but there is a shortage of real good men". That's why I rather have a piece of a man than none at all and guess what baby? I get the best part she only gets what's left of him! She laughed and then went on her way. What this lady or others don't realize is that this type of behavior causes a lot drama, confusion, heartache, pain and creates Love Triangles.

What are Love Triangles you may ask? Its when one person happens to be involved with one or more people. It's really serious when brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers or friends happen to be involved with the same man or woman.  Also when family members or friends find out that their best friend or family member is involved with their spouse is when emotions begin to boil over and the hidden secrets are revealed. Imagine finding out that the child your sister has is actually for your husband or that the child you been raising with your girlfriend or wife is for your brother or best friend. Imagine your hard earned credit or money being spent or used on someone other than yourself. Imagine the day you found out that your best friend , father or mother were secretly having an affair with the one you love! I know for many this is very hard to imagine and some may think that it can't possibly happen to them, but its a fact that this is happening everyday in someone's household. While some people worry about their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives cheating on them in the streets, their biggest worry could be right at home. As my one of my aunts would always say, she would never leave her man alone with any of her girlfriends or friends. Why? Because in some families or friendship there maybe someone is lurking in the dark lusting and bold enough to go after your special man or woman. Don't be caught in a Love Triangle,  always keep your special someone away from men or women who lurk into the dark. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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