Since I became a blog writer or a so called relationship( Steve Harvey and Oprah eat your heart out) expert I have found that the biggest fear that most men or women have today is marrying or being in a relationship with the wrong person. Its a known fact that when one becomes involved in a bad relationship or marriage drama, stress and problems always seem to come with it. That is one of the main reason why 75 percent of the world population is divorced or single and why the other 25 percent are married. Its also why divorce rates are at all time highs and why some people go through men or women as if they were toilet tissue. But my focus today is on the people who are already dating, married or in relationships. Why because those people are happy and are very blessed to have someone special to love. For most of these people this is the best of times, because each of them happen have someone very special in their lives. There is nothing more exciting or special than having someone to love. How did these people get so lucky? Since I don't believe in luck I will give you an honest answer. Most of these people who found love were looking or searching for something a little bit more meaningful than outside appearances, money or material possessions. Instead they looked within a persons hearts and then found love. After all love is forever, appearances, money or material possessions in time fade away.

Yes there are a lot of single or divorced people in the world who claim to be happy, but if each of them were honest they would admit that being single really sucks, especially during the holidays. It maybe fun or peaceful for a little while, but very soon after a person gets use to their single lives, loneliness creeps in. Coming home to an empty house or bed every night can get lonely or depressing and even though there may be some extra pillows in the bed or a pet to keep them company, nothing can take the place of a warm loving human body. The question is how does one change their situation if they have been single or lonely for most of their lives? By changing their ways, then Reevaluate their lives and realizing that whatever they may have done to this point, hasn't really worked. If it had then they wouldn't be single, lonely or divorced in the first place. My mother would always preach to me, my brothers or sisters that if any of us had a serious problem or if we really wanted our lives to change. The first place she said we should look is at the man or woman that's in the mirror. As she would put it before anything can truly change, one must first change themselves. In other words Reevaluate, because that is the only way someone will change their lives for the better. Reevaluate! Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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