The Big Lie, There Aren't Any Good Men Left

As a blogger, relationship expert and a man the biggest problem that I have found is that most women today are believing, the big lie or myth that there aren't any good men left! As if there are now a world filled with only good women! As I man I find that kind of offensive, especially since I happen to work around good single hard working men of all races everyday. Also I have two very intelligent young adult sons and three grandsons that are learning how to become men, that some woman maybe blessed enough too marry some day. When I am talking to a group of single or divorced women the first thing that they would say is, that there are no good men left and that is why they are still single. Many of them now and still today blame their current issues, problems or troubles on men, then some still say when they have a problem that its always the mans fault. A lot of women would say these days, that all of the good men are married, in jail or gay, while others would say that the quality men are now marrying women outside their race or women from other countries. What most of them don't realize is when someone falls in love it really doesn't have anything to do with skin color, race, where they come from or even how much money they make. What's funny to me is that most of these women happen to be single parents, raising children who happen to be boys or young men of their own. What they don't realize is that they are believing the big lie or falling in the same trap that keep many of those so called women divorced or single today.

 The question is are there any good men left on the planet today or are all of them extinct, gone or  vanished off the planet? From my studies and research I have found that there is a male baby being born every single second of the day. Which means future men are being created at this very moment and all a woman really has to do is too keep her eyes open. Also through recent survey, I have found that the amount of single males, almost equal that of the women right here in the United States of America. Yes in some of the larger cities, there are more single women, but over all when it comes to eligible bachelors there are still plenty. Changing lifestyles have tapped into the pool of single straight men and women some, but over all the figures remain the same. The question should be, is why aren't single men or women connecting if there are in deed a large pool of bachelors or bachelorette? The answer is no one has the time and none are willing to sacrifice to get what they need or want when it comes to finding a spouse or mate. From my research I have found that a lot of eligible single men or women don't or won't date anymore. Instead most fall in love with a image or picture only later to feel sorry or discouraged. What most singles should realize is that getting to know someone takes time or effort and sometimes the man or woman of your dreams, may live in a different city, state, town or country.

My advice to all singles, is to take your time then search for your man or woman and when you find them realize that anyone you may find will not be perfect. Every man or woman that has ever lived has some type of issue or problem and many of the good single men or women happen to be fathers or mothers. Then there are others of different race, one should never be afraid to date or marry someone because they happen to have a different skin color other than their own. True love is not only color blind, but also class blind, which means true love can't be bought or purchased and for any relationship or marriage to truly succeed it always take two to make it work well together. Just because a man or woman makes a lot of money or because the went to the right schools or neighborhood doesn't mean they are a good match. Every man or woman born has their own unique personality or way what makes them special is what can't be seen their pure hearts. Good men or women always come in different sizes, height or weight and in each of them one could find true love. Take time, then find the man or woman of your dreams and stop believing the big lie there are still a lot of good single men or women waiting to be found. Yes ladies there are plenty of good men, they aren't in jail, not married but single, still living not dead and many of them happen to straight and not gay! Stop believing, The Big Lie, There Aren't Any Good Men Left! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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