How Do You Know When You Have Found The One?

Let me ask you something, have you found someone interesting or special enough to date or to get to know? Is it to the point that you care, like or love them so much that you are starting to use pet names like; baby, boo, dark chocolate, caramel, sexy slim or others instead of their real names? And if so during the time you have been dating or seeing them has the thought ever cross your mind, that this boy, girl, man or woman could or maybe the one? As you know finding someone to date, to get too know or to have sex with is very easy and not hard to find in fact as sad as this may sound there are thousands of men or women that only want money or sex. Finding someone worthy enough to call your own or to plan a future with is extremely difficult. The reason why is because there are thousands of different type of men or women in the world, with different type of aspirations, personalities or lifestyles and finding one that's equal to your own is the hard part. My late grandmother would say a man or woman may date, like or fall in love with many in their lifetimes, but to find someone that may love you for a lifetime is priceless. All one has to do is look at the divorce rate and then they too can determine even if someone gets married, it doesn't mean that the person they married will stay with them forever. I always believed through every breakup, heartache or divorce there is a lesson that can be learned from anyone that's been involved in one. From my own experience I have learned mostly from my  own flaws, mistakes or from what I could have done better and then after that I looked within myself so that I could make myself better for the next relationship.

When it comes to dating or marriage one question still remains, How Do You Know When You Have Found The One? Even though I have studied this subject extensively, I find myself going back into time and I remembered an old saying, that my late great grandmother use to say.  She often bragged about her husband (My late great grandfather) who's marriage lasted over 65 years. My late great grandmother would smile, then say he is my world, my love, life, my rock and my everything! Then she to went on too say, you know found the one when two different lifestyles, ways or worlds come together to form one. In other words when your world become theirs and theirs becomes yours then you know he or she is the one. Their children and family become your children or family and theirs becomes yours. Your wants, needs, dreams or desires becomes theirs and you both start fitting together like equal parts, puzzle or like glue. When other people start to think or notice that your future spouse and yourself start to look alike or think the same. When each of you start to think of your relationship as Us, We or always doing things Together, instead of as individuals or apart. Also when both start having dreams about the other, then start setting goals and making future plans for each other. When one could say its not just about me and its only about us is when they can say the have found the one. How Do You Know When You Have Found The One? When their world becomes yours ,when you both would stop at nothing to be in each others arms, lives or worlds and never dream of being apart. Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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