Me, Myself And I

I was once told by a very wise woman, that one can only please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all the time. In other words some people no matter what you do or try some will never be happy and those that are happy will only remain that way only if you continue to do the things that make them happy. The moment you stop is when they also become just like the rest, unhappy, unsatisfied or opinionated and then are some that will talk about you in your face, while others will stab you right in your back. And its those same very people who wonder why you won't call, talk, text or visit them. Its always been amazing to me the perception or view most people have of others from the outside, thinking they know everything about a person on the inside, when in reality they know absolutely nothing at all. Just because someone happens to dress or talk in a certain way, drive a certain car, live in a particular neighborhood or happen to be employed at a certain job some people will always wrongly think what they want to. That's is why everyone should be very careful about, what they post, write online or on their social networks because people are watching. Some are actively searching for every bit of content, information or rumor they could use against you and some may use it as an attempt to tear down your character.

Its always been my belief or opinion that the first relationship anyone should establish strongly(If you happen to be a Christian or spiritual like myself God) is with their self. As I was once told as a child that besides God, that there is no one more important in the world than the man or woman in the mirror. As a man or woman each of us should know who we are or what we are as adults, that way each of us could look into the face adversity or of the unknown and handle it with confidence. Which mean before one tries love someone else or to take care of them, they first have to be able to do the same things for themselves. And before one can seek peace from others, they first have to be in peace with in themselves. If you aren't happy or satisfied with your life then no one else will be either and until you resolve your personal own issues you won't be able to help others with theirs. This is why a having a strong personal relationship with yourself is so important and once you have found peace with yourself, then you can conquer, handle or over come almost anything. That way one could walk into the world when confronted, then say its all about Me, Myself And I, anything else is secondary or last. Yes I have a life, I have bills, I also have a family with responsibilities and what ever happens behind my closed doors aren't any of your business. If I allow or choose to have you in my world, then it will be on my time. It doesn't matter what you think or say about me, because its not about you and I don't care about any of the drama or mess. Because its all about Me, Myself And I!There is nothing in this world (other than God) more important than Me, Myself And I. Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.
Until then have a great weekend,


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