Cook Like A Chef Or Star ( Part 3) Louisiana Grilled Salmon

For those who may have had, the privilege of reading my blogs, might not know that my real passion isn't writing at all. Even though I love to create, then write, hear others thoughts and to share my own thoughts or feelings, my real passion happens to be cooking. To me there is nothing more fulfilling than cooking a special or unique meal that hasn't be tried in your own kitchen. Now I am not talking about the normal stuff like red beans and rice, friend chicken or fish, baked pork chops, ribs or even a normal hamburger. I am talking about creating a meal that you might find at a 4 or 5 star restaurant. The only thing or unusual about the way I prepare a meal is that its fast, simple and very easy to do. But after you taste a meal created by Chuck, you might go back to those famous restaurants and slap the Chef or cook that prepared those meals for you. Why? Well because the way that I do it is not only easy on your wallet, but also taste a whole lot better than any of those famous restaurants. Today I am going to teach you how to cook one of my favorite dishes and if you were to order it at one of those places they might charge you anywhere from $25.00 to $50.00 and that's crazy! Now get your pin and paper out, then learn how easy it is to prepare my dish which I call Louisiana Grilled Salmon. Which is perfect if you are trying to do something different for Easter or just want something healthy that's very tasty to eat.

  3 pound salmon fillet
  1 pound of pealed raw shrimp
  1 lemon
  1 jar of Bertolli
  1 can of mushrooms
   half of diced bell peppers
  half or diced onions or if available in your town or city 1 half of cup of pictsweet frozen bell   
  peppers and onion mix.
 1 lemon
 3 table spoons of real butter

Pill skin off of salmon fillets, then rinse them in cool water. Season lightly with Tony's Chacheres and then place in your freezer for 10 minutes. Combine pealed shrimp, two table spoons of butter on high heat until shrimp are fully cooked. Then saute your bell pepper and onion mix for 3 minutes. Add on jar of Bertolli, season lightly with Tony's Chacheres, with a squeeze of lemon. Turn heat down low then cook for 5 minutes. Then retrieve your salmon fillets , place then on a hot grill and cook each for 7 minutes on both sides. After the fish are done then top them with your shrimp sauce and now you have prepared Louisiana Grilled Salmon. I recommend with this dish that its served with steamed broccoli, along with some Rice a Roni for the side.
I hope you enjoy this meal, until then have a great holiday,
From the staff at Q & A With Chuck



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