The Difference Between Sex And Making Love

 A few months ago I was written by one of my most devoted readers, she asked me this very simple question that, millions of women worldwide ask everyday. Why do most men think with the head that's between their legs instead, of using the one that is on their shoulders? In other words why do some or most men seem to want only sex before dating or really getting to know someone? Other women complain or may say that is all men really want or think about. I really had to laugh at this statement even though its not really funny, because I happen to know a lot of men, that would love to get know a woman first before having sex or making love to them. What some women don't realize is that sometimes other women make it harder for others who may want to do the right thing. But there happens to be some women, especially these days(Yes ladies and you know who you are) that are very aggressive when it comes to sex. There are a lot of women that play silly games when it comes to sex and yes there are a lot of women that only want a man for his body. Why? Well maybe as stress reliever or just for a simple booty call. Since I am no expert when it comes to women I can only guess the reasons why some women may feel that way. To be fair to the men or women both these days both don't take sex very seriously. That's why there are so many open relationships and why these days the main focus happens to be how good a man or woman is in the bedroom or the sheets, instead of how good of a person they are. That is why feelings have been hurt and why some people shy away from dating, mainly because they are tired of the silly games that are played. What's sad is that most people these days don't really know, The Difference Between Sex And Making Love.

Since many people today don't have a clue or don't know the difference between the two let me explain; Sex is a lustful desire, feeling, act, craving or emotion that is only preform or sought out for  pleasure or for a perceived need and in many cases have been known to become an addiction. Some people can't live without sex, while with others think about is so much that they become sex addicts or nymphomaniacs. Without a visit to a doctor or treatment these people can loose everything they own or destroy any established relationship they may have. Making love is an expression or a feeling shared between to loving willing souls. In other words two unselfish people engaged in a specific act to please the other. When most people engage in sex there is mostly one thought that comes to mine, I am here to get my pleasure, hopefully they will too and if they don't that's on them. But when it comes to making love both are only trying to please the other instead of themselves. What I am trying to say to the men or the women if you are only interested in having sex, with no commitment then do yourself and the person you are interested in a favor be honest. If you do, then you will not only save the person you are interested in a lot  of heartache or pain, but you also will be able to navigate through any type of relationship that you choose to be in without drama or stress free. These days its very easy to spot someone who is only interested in a man or woman's body, by their actions and words. A man or woman who is only looking or seeking love and then a future commitment will wait until the person they interested or in love with is ready to make love. Why? Because it isn't about sex, when they touch you its all about making love. That's The Difference Between Sex And Making Love. Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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