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Was Over Before It Started

Why are there so many breakups or divorces? Because most of us avoid the warning signs before we start dating, get married or start a new relationship. If you happen to be reading this I want you to take the next few words to the heart. Not everyone you meet, view online , happen like or interested in is the type of man or woman that you could build a future with. Does that mean these people aren't good people or good matches for someone else? The easy answer to this question is that every man or woman has someone that perfectly suits or fits them like a glove. The mistake that most people make is being involved or staying in relationship with someone that that know with all their heart that they aren't happy with. Doing this is not only unfair to the person they may happen to be dating or married to but to also themselves. As my late grandmother would say, time is such a valuable thing to waste and no one should waste their time being unhappy. After all not only can a person waste away years that they can't get back, but also money and it can also keep them from taking advantage of other opportunities. In other words just because a man or woman looks or feels good doesn't mean that they are good for you and if you are foolish enough to think that over the years things will change then nothing that you read here today will change your situation.  If you are already involved, married or dating a person that you aren't happy with chances are you will always be unhappy unless you make the first move, then do something about it. Until you realize then pay attention to your own heart, instincts, intuition, feelings or thoughts, whatever that is happening in your life will remain the same for as long as you allow it too. Simply wake up and realize that it, Was Over Before It Started.

I know some may say okay Chuck, I am seeing someone or married to a person now that I am unhappy with, so what do I do now? First have a conversation with the person you are involved with and tell them how you really feel. Chances are your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover or spouse won't agree with you and feel that with a little more time that the two of you can work things out. I hate the be the person that delivers you some bad news, but if you already spent several weeks, months or years working on your marriage or relationship then it isn't going to magically going to change now or over night. Face the facts that your marriage or relationship has been over for months or years and you haven't really paid attention to your own feelings. In your hearts of hearts you know that you would like to move on, but you haven't yet summoned up enough courage to bring this to an end. So you go on another month or year into an unhappy, very unhealthy marriage or relationship making promises to yourself that one day you will bring this to an end. My question to the person that may happen to be reading this is, What's wrong with today and why wait to change something today only to wait until tomorrow? Your life is in your hands and only you can make it better for the future. If you really want a happy life then its up to you to make the necessary changes to your life. Remember nothing in your life will change until you really realize that what you could do bad all by yourself and it Was Over Before It Started. Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.



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