Beyond Tomorrow

Life as we all know it can be very hard to deal with, each of us will have to work hard everyday , if we want to keep then, maintain our lifestyles or way of life, because as one should know by now nothing in life is free and no one will give us anything for free without a price. This doesn't just include keeping our automobiles, homes, jobs or careers, but also our family life, relationships and especially if one happens to be married. Being a father, mother, parent , best friend, husband or wife is hard work and if one doesn't put in the proper time or care, their friendships, relationships or marriages will fall apart. If someone would tell you that being in love, married or in a relationship is easy, then just do as I would do, look at them crazy then walk away. Why? Because life itself isn't easy , nothing is free and each of us will have to put in some type of effort to keep the man or woman we happen to love. I know there may be some who feel that once a man or woman falls in love with them that they will remain that way forever. But the simple fact is nothing last forever and the only way to keep any man or woman truly happy or to be sure that they are still in love is by working hard at it everyday.

I was once told by a very wise woman that true love is only a fire fueled by passion, trust, want , need, will and desire without it she went onto explain it would only burn out or fade away. When I asked this wise woman what did she mean by her statement she looked at me then said, If a person wants their man or woman to stay in love with them for a long length of time then all of those things I mention are needed for true love to survive. Then she looked at me then said, The problem with young men or women today, is that all of them expect a perfect spouse or one that's already pre-programmed to take care of all their needs. Men or women today don't want to work hard or even take the proper time to get to know their spouses and when time gets hard, ruff that's or if their spouse isn't as perfect or good as the were in the beginning is when most want to give up, quit, breakup or get a divorce. Then she smiled and said, But baby the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence and what looks good isn't always good. That's why in my day men or women took their time, then  dated, took their time before sex or marriage and none were willing to give up their bodies just for a quick #$%$&* or fling. Do you know why young man? Before I could say a word she said, because we had enough sense to look past today or  Beyond Tomorrow. Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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