Dear Friend Letter

Good Morning My Dear Friends, my heart is heavy this morning after much prayer, I wanted to share what God had deposited in my heart.  If you have received this letter, it was meant for you to be reading it.  My first words of inspiration this morning to you “Trust God with all your heart, mind, body and soul, and lean not to your understanding” if you continue to acknowledge Him He will direct your path.  This is the “Morning Manna” for you this morning. “Let God Direct Your Path.” I want to first open up this morning and ask a simple question, this is not a hard question,J  are you walking the correct path that God has chosen for you to follow.  I am not talking about the path you have created for yourself, but the righteous path that will deliver you from destruction, unhappiness and sorrow.

When you have spoken to God, and confessed to Him that you need Him now, this is a “State of Emergency” in the spirit. What has been hindering you for days, months, or even years?  Can I help you out and just say, maybe it’s a bad relationship that caused you so much frustration,  job issues that you’re ready to walk away, money is funny change is strange, deception and deceitful tongues all in your business, or maybe it’s you through willful disobedience to God’s instructions, “you want to do things your way, in your time because of impatience.”  God has to be the front and center of your life, not man because man will deceive you at any given time.  Those who have avowed that the Lord is their Lord, should often put themselves in mind of what they have done, take the comfort of it, and live up to it. 

Let me ask you this, Mark 8:36 say “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Do the mere words spoken shift your spirit to make you reexamine yourself? You should never trade your soul for something in this world. Can you be bought? Well there has been a price so great already paid for your soul and that price was the death of Christ on the cross. He made it possible for you to live eternally. Would you barter for anything that could cause you to lose your eternal life? It just isn't worth the wealth of the world, and a short pleasure, to lose what God has offered to you the righteous path of life.

My Dear Friends, the time is now to let go of that relationship that has been keeping you bound.  Let go of the bitter feelings, and not allow the behavior of others cause you   to react ungodly.  Know that God shall supply all your needs according to His riches and glory. Let go and remove yourself from those who speak with a carnal mind, and think with a mind of wisdom.   Jesus said He will be with you always, do you trust Him.  God is saving the best for last, because your future is greater than your past.  Your past is the situation that you are in right now, let it go!! J I know you may say it’s hard to walk away, but I say it’s even harder to stay in a situation that will only cause continuous harm to you spiritually.  Do not continue to walk by sight, but only by the faith you have in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.  Be Blessed Diane!! J


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