I Am Just Saying !!!

 Isn't it funny that the people who don't want to listen, do right or follow the rules are the very same people that complain about their personal lives or careers and then wonder why they aren't happy or very successful? It makes me want to say wake up man or woman, the reason why people don't like you or why you haven't been successful within your career and the reason why you don't have a man or woman is because of your bad attitude or refusal to learn from your own mistakes. Your stubbornness or the fact that you are stuck in the past or hung up on your old ways is the one of the main reasons why you are having so much so called bad luck. I know that if my late grandmother were to read this she would say, Chuck you are not suppose to be so mean or judge and its not right to be so hard on people, but grandma some people just don't get it or understand! One thing I try to do as a relationship advice writer is to be as honest as possible and to always tell the truth no matter how much it hurts. Its my hope that after a person reads my blog that he or she would learn something from this free advice that I am providing and do something positive with their careers, lives, relationship or marriages. I could say what makes me so mad, but that wouldn't be the truth because I don't get mad that often, so I would say, "What has me dumb founded, is when some people don't learn from their own past mistakes! After all its is your mistakes that really have you in this position and it doesn't matter who you try to blame for your problems. If you don't make an serious effort to change your life then it will never change and no fairy godmother or good luck charm will come around to save you. I Am Just Saying!!!

 Now it wouldn't be all that bad if they were only hurting themselves, but when children or other people are involved that's when I really get mad! Fellas or ladies if you happen to be unhappy at your job, in your relationship or marriage, don't like or hate your spouse and you are raising children, please do them a favor,(If you refuse to do it for yourself) Leave! Why? Because what you do and how you feel is also felt by your own children or others. When you feel unhappy, miserable or sad it effects your children, friends and family members also! No child wants to be raised in an unhappy environment or home and the simple fact is it isn't quite fair to them.! Also you as a parent happens to be setting a bad example, by making them think that its okay to be unhappy at their careers or miserable in a relationship or marriage because mommy or daddy is doing or living with it. Stop being unhappy! Stop being miserable and please stop being sad! Don't keep lying to yourself or others by saying that there is nothing you can do about, because it isn't the truth and you know it! Life is too short and there are way to many opportunities to take advantage of. Stop crying, complaining, procrastinating or worrying and do something better with your life. The fact is nothing is ever really going to change in your life until you do something about it. Start now, then stop putting off something you can do today, only to wait until tomorrow. If you do your life will be better because you were brave or smart enough to make a change. I know there are some who may have read this and think that I was being mean, but I am tired of grown%#%@# men or women making the same old stupid mistakes! Grow up be a real man or woman and do something meaningful with your own life. Grow a set of balls, breast or whatever just wake up and do something, I Am Just Saying!! Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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