Allow The Healing To Process Begin

Imagine if you will your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife coming home one day expressing or telling you that they aren't or don't love you anymore. Or imagine being in a relationship or marriage where everything appeared or seemed to be good, right or real and out of the blue the man or woman that you thought loved you or cared for left you for another person. What can make these matters worse is if you happen to come home to an empty apartment or house with your bank accounts drained, all of your material possessions taken and credit or reputation ruined forever. These thoughts are hard to imagine or phantom, when in fact this is happening in millions or even trillions of households every single day. In many cities, towns, state's or countries there is a man or woman crying, getting their hearts broken , their lives are being turned upside down or torn apart and their way of life is being changed forever. Not only has their life been changed, but it has also effected the lives of their children and even some of their core family members. Several thoughts comes to mind after this happens, little did they know, that the man or woman of their dreams, was loving, sexing, texting, e-mailing or having an love affair on the side, with someone else. Little did they know that they would to have to start rebuilding or living their lives somewhere else other than a place they began or used to call home. Little did they know that they may have to move back in with their parents, family members or friends just to get their life back on track all over again.

I was asked once by a young man who I was recently counselling, what does a person do when the person you love breaks your heart? I looked at him then said, "Cry even though its not manly to do so, shout, scream and then pray". Then he looked at me then said Chuck does it really work and will I ever heal from my heartbreak? I then said, Son time heals all wounds, but it will only heal if you give your heart the proper medicine. Which means, take time for yourself to heal, pray everyday and as often as possible. When there is a need to cry do so in private and only with yourself or God. Express your anger or disappointments is a constructive manner, by exercising, self improvements, being more focused with your career, job , family or friends and start finding, then loving yourself all over again. Then I looked at him then said , I would never recommend, anyone to jump into any type of relationship or marriage right after a breakup or a divorce, because they would be no good for the other. Then after our session was over he thank me and said I think I will make it if , only if I  Allow The Healing Process To Begin. Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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