Silly Rabbit Tricks Are For Kids

If you happen to be single or divorced haven't you notice lately that there are a lot of men or women playing games when it comes to dating and some will simply lie just for the hell of it! This is what makes dating or meeting someone new these days very hard or difficult to deal with. There are a lots of men or women out there claiming to be single, when most of them have someone already or are still in relationships or married. What's crazy is that even the one's that aren't currently in a relationship, are still in some way emotionally involved or haven't quite yet gotten over their exes . This very dangerous game, that many men or women play everyday, has caused many to have their or others to have their hearts broken, then used and in those very extreme cases some have been known to be hurt physically or even murdered. This is where age or maturity should come into play. Which means if someone has been hurt , lied to, been through all the games or have played those same games themselves, should be experienced enough not to fall into any trap that's laid out there. In other words one must always avoid all men or women that try to play childish or stupid games. After all its always best to be up front or honest and always tell the truth, even if it hurts someones feelings. Which means if you are only interested in money or sex tell the man or woman that's all you are looking for. If you are married or in a relationship, then want to date or have sex with other people ,make that known to your spouse and the person you are interested in.

 Its always been my opinion that there isn't a really a good reason to lie about it, because if you don't tell the truth you will be caught or what you are trying to hide will be revealed in time . As my best friend would say, Silly Rabbit Tricks Are For Kids, which means stop play games, tell the person what you want upfront and if they can't deal or handle the truth then simply move on! After all we all live in a world of open relationships, marriages, sex crazed men or women, nymphomaniacs, money grubbing, messy, back stabbing men, or women. If this is a game that some men or women want to play, then there are plenty of people out there willing to participate. For those who are searching for a real relationship, true love or marraige do your best to avoid men or women with these type of  traits. After all games are for children and trick are for kids. For grown folks life is much to serious to play these type of games with. In other words , Silly Rabbits Tricks Are For Kids. Write in then express your thoughts or feeling on the subject.


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