What's Mine Is Yours And Yours Is Mine?

One of the scarcest things to experience in marriage or relationship is living with someone that already owns their own home before the marriage or relationship begins. It’s been my experience that if someone happens to own their home and you are the person that’s moving in. That you may have to face one main fact, it’s their house and whats in it belongs only to them. My mother used to always tell me that if two people really love each other and want to start or build a life together, they should then do it from scratch. What she meant by this is that if you are buying a home or renting an apartment the couple should do it together, that way there wouldn't be any room for confusion.
My mother had this very strong belief that if a couple is going to build something, start a family or even start new careers it should be with each others blessing. As a couple each, should be comfortable knowing that what ever they possess or accumulate that it’s theirs together as a couple. I know for a fact what breaks up a lot of couples or marriages, is when one person or both starts claiming certain items or things in their home as their very own. Or when they make statements like, this is my house, my car, my money or my things.When all you hear everyday is my this, my soap, my money, my car, my house, my food, my yard, my body, my things and mine or my this. Ask yourself this question, how can one really have a productive partnership, marriage or relationship ? When people use objects, material things or money as a way of hurting or for gaining power over the people they love it can hurt and will destroy any type of relationship. Those things are material and should always be something shared when you become a couple or become one.

The devil loves, it when married people fight or argue over material things. Before arguing, fussing or fighting, each should remember why they feel in love in the first place. That reason should always be because they love each other and also respect each wants or needs.  It breaks my heart when I see couples or married people arguing over material things and threaten each other with statements like," This is my house and if you don't like it then you can leave or this is my money and I can spend then do whatever I want or please with it ! It makes me want to say or ask them these questions , What happen to what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine? What happen in your marriage or relationship that you have to be so cold and heartless that you have to resort to using your money or material things to hurt the one you love? I always believed that a relationship or a marriage begins and ended with each other. One without the other then there would be no way either could work. When man and woman become one then decide to spend their lives together, that decision is made with both saying I love you and want to spend the rest of my life loving only you.

 If you happen to be reading this at this moment and having trouble in your marriage or relationship, remember this you did not achieve or get what you have on your on or by yourself. Yes, there could be some who may have a spouse that doesn’t work or one that hasn't spent any money on the objects that you are arguing over. The main fact is you acquired those things as a couple and without Gods blessing you wouldn't or couldn't have been blessed with those things. To those people who may doubt what I am saying, my mother had an old saying. "You can always get back worldly possessions but you can never get back your time and money can't buy love. She would also say money or material things have no value, but a peace of mind is priceless and love is more precious than gold. What she meant by this is that you may win or get those material things that you placed so much value in,(Through your lawyers) but in the end you will never have peace. Because the mistakes of your past will hunt you for a lifetime when you realize what have you lost. If you value your money or your material things more than your marriage or relationship, then you are heading on the pathway toward destruction. Your life will be filled with grief and all you will have left is money or worthless objects without anyone to share it with. Love is the greatest gift man or woman could possibly give each other. After all, What's Mine Is Yours And Yours Is Mine?Write in then express your thoughts or feeling on the subject.


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