Its Funny But Its True

What if I told you that there happens to be lots of good single men or women right there in own your city, town, country, in your apartment building or neighborhood, a few at your local church and almost all of them are looking for someone just like you. Just like you they are searching for love, tired of the drama or games and would do almost anything to make you happy. These divorced or single people have been searching for love for so long that each of them have posted a profile, on at least 5 different single dating sites. Just like you they have tried or have been so desperate that they would do just about anything to find true love, from blind or speed dating, to being set up by their co-workers, family or friends. They have tried church singles, looking for single men or women at local bars, malls and even some have tried to find their special someone on college campuses or park in lots. Before you think or say anything let me just say or tell you, that these aren't just any ordinary people, that you can find on a corner, these people are very lovable, loyal, special, unique and will do everything they could to please or make you happy. That's right someone awesome , very loving, caring man or woman that is willing to love you so much that they would even get mad at you for not taking care of yourself or for not trying harder to better yourself.

 I know if you are reading this you may say I would love to find me a person like that. To you I would say, why would you want a good man or woman, because all you would do is say, then do something dumb or stupid to mess it up. I know to those who may have read what I just wrote and think that I am being a little mean, but its a known fact that  most people these days don't know how to act when they finally meet someone that meets all their expectations. As a matter of fact they can't handle it at all!They don't know what to do or how to act with a good man or woman because they never had one and none of them even dream or thought that someone good would actually become apart of their life! I know there are some who may ask, why are these people doubting themselves so much? My answer is simples, how could they not, when they never had or seen a good man or woman and the only good treatment they ever experienced in their lives, was given to them by a family member, friends or they just had to treat themselves. So they do just what others do in their position, start saying, then thinking bad thoughts or by picking or tearing their new man or woman apart. These are their excuses, he or she is to kind, romantic, respectful, too nice, cares to much, to loving, to giving, too good in bed, cooks to well , works too much, to beautiful or nice looking, to clean or neat and really to good to be true! They say these things because some how, they feel as if, they didn't deserve to be loved or happy and then they go back to their old lives or what they are used to know. I know if you happen to be reading this, you may say that man or woman must be crazy and why wouldn't they want to finally find happiness? Its sad to say but there are some people don't know better , enjoy or love drama, fighting, being sad, miserable, lonely or unhappy and would feel out of place if it wasn't apart of their lives. Yes, its may sound strange to you or I and its may sound funny but its true. Its Funny But Its True, there are lots of available single men or women waiting and wanting or willing to love only you. Write in then express your thoughts or feeling on the subject.


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