Broken Promises

Have you ever heard the term or saying , "Promises are made to be broken"? This was a familiar saying that I and other children used to say, in high school after we broke a promise we once made to someone else. As I think about these crazy or silly things we used to say as children, I can't help but think that some of those crazy sayings, might have crept into our adult lives. When I think about the saying," Promises are made to be broken", I can't help but think about the thousands of Broken Promises each of us have made over the many years of our lives. Many of us promise to be better men or women, to go to church, spend more time with our children, family or friends,to  looses weight,  get a better job or start a new career,  treat our partners, parents, spouses better or right, not to cheat, stay faithful, don't lie, then  honor wedding vows or stay loyal and the next time they meet a good man or woman many promise to do whatever they can to hold onto them and not to scare them away. Broken Promises are ones, we make everyday especially at the beginning of a New Year or when we realize that our lives aren't going well or as expected. The question is if we can't keep our own promises to ourselves, how do we expect others to keep theirs to us? I know for a fact this is why some relationships or future marriages never happen or why so many men or women today breakup or get divorces because of the Broken Promises. Because many of us make promises that, we know we can't keep. That's why this blog is called Broken Promises. If you happen to be reading this let me ask you a very personal question, How many promises have you made to another or even to yourself that you knew deep inside your heart, that you would never keep? As you think about this blog Broken Promises, I have one thought you should keep in mind. If you can't keep simple promises to yourself, how can you expect others to keep theirs to you! After all promises are are made to be broken, how many more Broken Promises will you make! Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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