The 90 Day Trail Period

Worldwide men and women everywhere are searching for that special someone that they can share their lives with. It doesn't matter what color or race all want a few simple things from their future spouses or mates. Which happens to be loved, treated with respect and for them to be loyal, then honest with them for as long as they are together or shall live. Sounds simple right? Well if it were, there wouldn't still be millions of singles, out there still searching for the love. Now if you happen to be one of the lucky ones and met your special guy or girl, then there is another step that each of you might want to consider before think about marriage. What is this step you may ask? The 90 Day Trail Period or moving in together. The reason why I feel that this is so important for the growth or understanding for all relationships or future marriages.Is because during this time is when both involved find out really critical information that each have to know about their partner that they couldn't or wouldn't know by simply dating. The biggest mistake made by couples today is not learning or knowing enough about their future spouses before getting married. That's why there are so many early divorces or unhappy people that are married and those that stay in these marriages often wished they had lived with their spouses first before they got married. I believe that in 90 days or less anyone can find out if the man or woman that they are in love with its truly the one or just a passing fascination.

What should a person know before they get married or become one? Everything!! Because when it comes to marriage knowing everything or as much as possible about the person you are planning on spending the rest of your life with , will help each of you make a sound decision. Marriage isn't something to be played with and should be taken seriously. Like my late grandmother would say its easy to get married but hell to get out one! Divorce is a nasty business to avoid becoming a statistic one must learn all they should before making a commitment. That's why learning everything you may need to know about them is so important. That way after you move in with them or they with you, that way you will find out what are their habits that may or may not get on your nerves. About their cleanliness or hygiene which also is very important , can you communicate or get along with them, how will they truly treat you behind closed doors. Are they really that good man or woman you have been seeing or have they been hiding secretes things from you from behind closed doors and if this man or woman is really the person you want to spend your life with. After The 90 Day Trail Period what's hidden in the dark shall come to light and you will know if your man or woman is really the person they pretend or seem to be. Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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