How do you know if you are dating, in a relationship or married to the wrong person? When you or they don't call , text, e-mail, think or have daily thoughts or dreams about the other person. This is an early sign that each of you aren't meant or right for each other. The truth is that anyone can say that they interested, like, love or want to be with you, but if neither one of you make a strong effort to make it work it won't last and it wasn't really meant to be. If you or they don't have a strong physical and mental attraction to the other then that's an early sign that each of you should pay attention too. This is an early sign that both of you should move on. Don't worry even if the man or woman you call yourself chatting with, dating or seeing, feelings are hurt because of your honesty. Because they will respect you in the end or when its over. It's always better to be upfront, truthful and really honest about your feelings so that the both of you can move on with your lives.

 I know if you happen to be reading this you may say, Chuck he or she is a very nice person, they are very friendly, I like having them around, they are fun, giving or generous, they are great or awesome in bed and we are really good friends. But if the person you are dating or seeing happens to want something more than yourself or more than you are willing to give, then you should do what's best for the both of you then , move on. No one should have to wait or have to put their life on hold until the person they interested in gets their act or life together. I always believed that most people don't just breakup out of the blue, file for a divorce or leave someone because things are hard, wrong or because it doesn't feel right, they leave because its no longer worth it. Life if to short to hold onto something that isn't worth it or to someone that doesn't give dam about the other person's feelings. That's why I am encouraging each person ,on both of the sides of this issue to let go and move on. As an adult every man or woman should know what they want or expect out of the person they are interested in dating or thinking of engaging in a relationship with. Life is to short and its time to move on. That's right goodbye or  Next! Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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