Some Dreams Do Come True

I remember back in the day, my friends and I used to get excited about going to the skating ring. Back in those days it was the thing to do on weekends. My three best friends, Darryl, Carl and Robert would meet me, at the local skating ring hoping to meet or find a beautiful girl to skate with. As always the skating ring was full of people, over the loud speaker you could hear the latest dance songs, that you would normally hear on the radio station. My friends and I walked over to the counter to rent a pair of skates, that was at the time $5.00, then each of us put on our skates and then skated to the foot of the roller rink. I said to Darryl, Carl and Robert man there are some fine @#$%^&* girls in the house tonight! Then Darryl said man you are right about that bro, I bet you at the end of the night I will have more phone numbers than you Chuck! I knew Darryl was an excellent skater, had that good hair, light skin and the girls always loved him because of his skating style. But one thing Darryl didn't know that during the week days, I have been practicing skating and tonight I would give him a run for his money. I looked at Darryl, then said I bet you $20, I will have more numbers than you by the end of the night ! Then Carl and Robert looked at me then said Chuck you are crazy! You know Darryl always gets all the girls and besides that he is a pro when it comes to skating. I said fellas that may be true, but Some Dreams Do Come True.

I always dreamed of one day being able to compete with Darryl's skating, because he did it with such ease or skill and made it look so easy. He could skate backward, the forward, spin and even do tricks in the air, then land as if the skates were a part of his body. When Darryl skated everyone around him would stare with amazement and the ease or skill of his skating. When I first started skating I would fall, but as time went on, with my many trips to the skating ring, I improved enough to stay on my feet and to dance a little while skating. After watching my friend Darryl skate, I would always say to myself," I wish I could be as cool as Darryl". One day after my friends and I came home a little bruised from skating. My mother was in the kitchen, then said Chuck did you and the boys have a good time? I then said yes Mom, but Darryl always beats all of us skating and he always gets all the girls. My mother looked at me under her glasses then said, With a little more practice, you could be just as good as Darryl or better! Then she looked down at me then said," Chuck you are my baby and my first born, there is nothing you can't do if you just put your mind to it. I smiled, then said thanks Mom, and then walked to my room. My mother said Chuck! I said yes Mom, then she said, Some Dreams Do Come True!

Darryl, Carl, Robert and I then started to skate on the roller ring, all around us were skaters from all over town and every race. The music was blaring the disco lights was flashing on the floor and everyone was dancing while skating to their favorite songs. I looked up, then there was a girl that I had a crush on, she was beautiful, had pretty long hair and was fine @#%&*$%^ as hell, but she wouldn't give me the time of day because of my skating. I skated pass her, then said to myself she might not like me, but before the end of the night she will respect my skating. Tonight is Chucks night and everyone will know it! Now the time everyone was waiting for the skating contest was about to begin. Carl, Robert met me in the middle of the rink and to my left was Darryl who stared at me looking cool, then said Chuck its on! The D.J put on the song by Rob Base and the contest began.

 By the end of the night there were only two people left standing Darryl and myself. Darryl looked at me, then said Chuck it looks like you have been doing a little practicing and I am impressed. I said thanks man, but before I could say another word Darryl then said you are going to need a little more practice before you can compete with me, because I am a natural! I said okay man we will see, then the contest began. Darryl skated first , his routine was amazing and he skated as if he was on air. He skated backwards, then forwards, spend around, jumped, dance and brought the whole house down. By the time he was done the whole place shouted Darryl! Darryl! Darryl and Darryl again! He skated over to me, then smiled and said, We may be friends Chuck, but skating is my middle name! I knew my work was cut out for me, but I went out there and did my best. After I was done they were also shouting my name, because I did something that Darryl didn't do in his skating routine. I moon walked backward on skates to the song Beat It, by Micheal Jackson. People every where was grabbing me and saying Chuck I didn't know you could skate like that. To my amazement, I didn't think what I did was as good as Darryl, but I did do something out of the ordinary to get myself some attention. It was announced that we both were co- winners of the contest and Darryl skated over to me and said Chuck your routine was dope! He reached in his pocket gave me $20 and I said," Man we both won, it was a tie. He said I know man but we will always be friends for life, then he skated off to the others, while I was left there smiling. Behind me the girl I had a crush on touched me on my shoulder and gave me her number. As she skated off, I smiled then said to myself , Some Dreams Do Come True.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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