Think About It!

Every second, minute, hour or day that passes by every man or woman should count as blessings and as lessons learned all through their lives, after all none of us are getting any younger. The great thing about living through one day and making to the other(Other than the obvious) is that if one took the time, to think about what's going on inside or outside their worlds then they would really appreciate their own lives a little better. The fact is people are dying everyday, of all ages or races and being rich or poor doesn't prolong or even shorten it. When the time comes each of us will die and will be forgotten by some or become a distant memory. If you aren't happy with your life, relationship with family or friends, marriage, career or even yourself, do whatever you can to change it before its to late or unable to do so. Life is way to short to live it miserable, without love, unsatisfied, unhappy and all of us should do our best to find our true purpose. Everyone no matter who they are deserves only the best and all should, if its out there find true love. Think About It!

 Since this happens to be a relationship blog, I encourage all married or single people to evaluate their own situations. If you aren't happy with the way its going, then do whatever possible to make it better and if you can't then get out of it or move on with their lives as soon as possible. Life is to short, to promising and there are way to many other opportunities out there, that one can take advantage of. Why miss out if you really don't have to? If you are single and have met the man or woman who you feel could be the one or your future spouse for life, go after them then take a chance. Love them with all your heart and don't allow doubt, fear or other people to get in your way. That's why I encourage you, the person that's reading this to"Think About It", because in the end you and only you are responsible for your life. Only you hold the key to your own happiness and only you can make the necessary changes to make it better. As one wise man once told me," Life is like many closed doors waiting to be opened". In other words you never know what you might find behind them until you get up, then reach for the door handle and open them up. That's how relationships work or marriages begin, first you meet, after that learn from them, date, fall in love, become one and then build a life together. If it doesn't work out and that person breaks your heart, start over then reach for another door handle, then start all over again. Never give up, don't worry about other people thoughts, views or opinions because its your life, just move on. Think About It, because after all it is your life and only you know how to live the way you want too. Think About it!
Have a awesome holiday season,


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