A Talk With Chuck

Have you ever been one of those people who may think or have thought that you may never find true love or have a successful relationship or marriage? You must admit dating or searching for love these days is very complicated. Good men and women being produce these days, aren't like the ones in our past. I know the old saying is good men are hard to find, well lets face it there aren't a whole lot of good women left either. Yes there maybe some who claim to be all that and bowl of grits , but in reality there is a very good reason why there are so many that are still single.Why are there so many attractive men or women single? The easy, but very complicated answer is, most men or women these days are arrogant, crazy, hateful, mean, very immature or insecure, spoiled, selfish, stubborn, silly, self centered , unmotivated, broken, stuck in their past or have so many issues that no normal good man or woman would put up with them for very long. Besides that its really scary out there and there are a lot of unstable men or women! If you been in a relationship for a while or been married for a few years and now going through a divorce the thought of dating or meeting someone new should have you afraid or scare you. Why? Because there are lots of mentally unstable people out there! Behind each pretty smile or handsome face, well built figures, fancy cars or careers, clean cut man or beautiful woman who's hair that has been laid out by their beautician, could be someone who really needs psychiatrist or one that should truly be in a mental hospital. I have met all types of men or women that have some serious mental issues, that they should deal with before moving on, to the next relationship or marriage. Laddies, men its scary out there and just because you have your act together doesn't mean others do. Is it hopeless to find the one or true love? No it isn't, but you have to be patient , please take your time, first sign of trouble get out of it and never rush into anything because there are some people who will amaze or surprise you. My motto for 2017 is," Every ending is always a new beginning or has the possibilities of a happy ending". In other words just because it didn't work with that one person, doesn't mean that it won't workout with someone else. It just wasn't meant to be and any mature person should be able to understand that. Also never give up, please don't quit, because after all today is a new day, we all just started a New Year together lets make 2017 our best year ever. Next time you have a serious issue or just want to talk, send me a e-mail and simply say I want to have, A Talk With Chuck. Its simple and free I won't charge you a thing unless we have to me in person. Have A Happy awesome 2017 and may you find your true love this New Year,


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