A Happy Spouse A Happy Life

If you happen to be reading this, allow me to ask you a few questions. Are you really happy with your life? Do you really enjoy your life or really live it to the fullest? And if so do you take advantage of each and every opportunity or moment that's in front of you? For those who may be confused by my questions, let me state this as a fact, life isn't just about becoming the best or most successful man or woman on the planet, it's  about enjoying, then living whatever life that you have established for yourself to the fullest. Which means it doesn't matter if you are on top of the food chain at your company or workplace and it doesn't matter if you been married or in a relationship for years. If you aren't confident or happy none of the time, months, weeks or the years put into anything you do would mean a thing if you haven't enjoyed or lived your life to the fullest. That's why each person should take the proper time to evaluate their lives or current situation. That's why being a leader or allowing someone else to lead, knowing one's role, then determining the difference between your lover, spouse or friends are so important. In each person's life there should always be someone that they can truly trust, love and count on in their time of need. That person could be a close friend or relative but it would be extra special if that person was someone special, who happens to be your lover, best friend and spouse all wrapped into one.

There is an old saying that's been around almost since the beginning of time, A happy wife leads to happy life or marriage. Back then most men put their feelings, thoughts or desires buried deep inside themselves in order to keep their women or wives happy and sacrificed themselves in order to save the family. Men in those days were the bread winner's, worked long hours night and days to provide for the family. While the women stayed home cook, cleaned and then raised the children. As long as the wife was happy most men were happy with ever family life they had. As we all know time has changed and now women demanded a fair place in the workplace, then started to earn money for themselves. Now relationships or marriages are truly equal and no man or woman has to put their feelings on the side to make it work. As you think about what you have read so far, ask yourself these two questions, Is your spouse truly happy with you? Have you done everything possible to keep them happy or satisfied? Are you or your spouse supportive of the others needs , wants or desires? As you think about those questions, I would like to leave you with a few pointers that will help your relationship or marriage grow into something truly special. Never go to bed mad and dont argue over anything silly or meaneless. Even if your spouse happens to be wrong its okay to let them win or make them feel like they are right, sometimes just to keep the peace. The key to every successful relationship or marriage is knowing what makes your other half happy, sad or angry and avoiding doing the things that will run them away. Being that all things are equal they must do the same for you in return. If the both of you bend a little, let each other have their way and do what ever it takes to please them, then in time you both will have a very successful relationship or marriage. A marriage or a relationship with little stress, great communication and the ability to look past the other diffrences will lead to a very happy life. A Happy Spouse A Happy Life! Write in, share your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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