Having Your Cake And Eating It Too

 What I really enjoy about writing is getting a message from one of my readers, telling me how much they appreciate what I do, having them thank you for the information given and how much the topic I wrote about help solve a problem they were having. I don't know about you, but for me nothing is more fulfilling then having someone say, "Thank's you, for just being you". Its like Having Your Cake And Eating It Too. Being loved is one thing, but being appreciated is just like sweet icing on the cake! That's why I am encouraging all men and women to tell the special people in your life how much they really mean too you. Yes, you should tell the special person or person's in your life that you love them, but telling them how much you appreciate them or how grateful you are to have them in your life is priceless. It will be like icing on the cake to your man or woman and make them feel really special. Your goal today or everyday should be, making your special someone smile or day , just by saying thank you for being who you are and that I love you. Never forget that no one has to do anything, so if your man or woman is good or really good to you, then you too should also do your part. If it isn't possible to make them feel like King or Queens everyday or all the time try to make them feel special as much as possible, because to them it would be just like," Having Your Cake And Eating It Too".

Warning to all men or women, please take this waring to heart, because if you don't there is a very good chance that you will have your heart broken or you will be taken advantage of by your ex-spouse, current spouse or lover. And if you aren't careful or happen to be on the other end of this then you could loose that good man or woman because of your selfishness, because as we all know some people like Having Their Cake And Eating It Too. Before I reveal what this warning is all about, I am pretty sure you are aware that these days, both men and women enjoy playing games with people's heart. What's sad is even after getting involved in a relationship or marriage the games never stop and in some cases they are never ending. Now to the warning if your man or woman happen to say these words or act like this, by all means walk away or get as far away from them as possible.( Its all about me and not about you.) Its my opinion that some people only think about their own feelings and needs without considering the feelings or thoughts of the person they are involved with. They never take the time to consider how the person they are in love with feels or is effected by their ways, thoughts or actions while they are with them. Its sad to say but in most relationships or marriages are one sided, which means only one side is being treated like Kings or Queens while the other one is being mistreated while doing all the work to make their spouse happy without any benefits. The men or women that are being spoiled and satisfied or enjoying their lover, husband or wife so much that they forget one very important fact,  their other half has desires, wants or needs love too. Why you may ask? Because they are busy Having Their Cakes And Eating It Too. Write in and express your thoughts or views on the subject.
Have a great weekend,


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