Having A Baby?

One of the biggest or most important decision a person can make in their life, is deciding to have a child or a baby. Children will always be a combination of two people who came together for a moment or two to create a beautiful baby boy or girl and if they are really blessed twins or triplets. Its only my opinion, but I can't think of anything more beautiful or awesome than a new born baby. Think about it not only are two people creating a baby, but also a human being, that will later grow up, then have their own thoughts, mind and personality. That within itself is an awesome responsibility and one that no man or woman should take lightly. Because these days, especially in today's climate and even in years past raising or Having A Baby can be very difficult. These days some children have little or no respect for their parents or authority and its my personal feeling its because of the way the parents themselves raised them. Yes as each child will grow up become men or women and develop thoughts or opinions of their own. But what we feed or expose them to and teach them as as children will in time later come out of them, in some form or fashion. In some ways that can be both bad or good and even the best parents have some type of problems or issues with their children. That's why before making or Having A Baby both involved should seriously think about this very difficult decision.

  As I think about what I just wrote, I can't help but to give honor or praise to my beautiful Mother and Father, because without them, Six! Yes I said," Count them six of us wouldn't be born"! Three boys and six girls, the black modern day version of the Brady Bunch.  They did an awesome job because none of us went to jail and all of us happen to be very successful, in some sort of way. Think about that for a moment my Mother and Father raised six children! Fed us , cloth us, help educate, gave advice, was responsible for our health and safety. They could teach the world a lot about raising children, because to this very day, most of what they taught each us all is still very present in each of our lives. Today parents not only have to make the decision to have a baby, but also be present after the child is born, until they become an adult. Yes baby's are cute, beautiful, pretty or handsome and they make us smile, but they are also an awesome responsibility that no one should take lightly. Before deciding to have a baby, talk to current parents, seek their advice or wisdom and make sure it will be in your own best interest or ready to be a parent. Making a baby or Having A Baby is more than having sex, mixing fluids or making love, its a life changing experience and that will give you a whole other perspective on why you wake up everyday. Your new born baby will watch and emulate everything you do until they begin to have a mind of their own. Having A Baby? Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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