If you want a stress free or peaceful life don't catch these very infectious diseases. Anger, drama, madness,confusion, conflict , infighting or ever get involved in anyone else's mess. Don't ever get caught up into another's persons pain or misery. Its easy to spot or notice people who are infected with these symptoms, simply by the way they approach you and their crazy facial expressions. If they appear to be angry, have bad attitudes, won't smile or seem very hesitant to speak, don't worry. Just  please don't let them ruin your mood or allow yourself to stress over it. Because their issue or problem isn't with you, but instead buried deep within themselves or in their hidden emotions. Why? Because they aren't happy or they are unsatisfied, they are also very troubled and they don't yet have Peace. What's funny is that the people that appear or seem to be happiest on the outside, aren't really happy at all. What I have found that, having all the money in the world or owning all the material things that life has to offer, won't give a man or woman what they truly desire, which is love or  Peace. Only with the true love of God, can a person find true love, real happiness or have Peace. Once you have Peace, one could never allow their friends, family or someone they don't know, infect with their negative attitudes or very infectious bad attitudes. Having a peaceful world or environment is something money can't buy and once you have had it ,you must do everything in your power to keep it! While you seek love, look to make more money, achieve the highest position or gain power, then become very success or have fame beyond your dreams. Never forget that you won't live to enjoy these things or enjoy its pleasures, unless you have Peace! A very good life, has love, joy, God's good grace and the great reward of it all is Peace! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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