If you happen to be reading this, ask yourself this question, how do you define happiness for yourself, success or love? Is your definition of this question determine by the thoughts of your own or of others? As you think about those two questions, never forget that life itself is actually a test or work in progress. The longer you live, the more you will tested or tried, then the real learning process begins and in the progress while making those many mistakes it should only make you stronger or better than you were before. That why each person should  never be afraid of failing or failure, because in the end it will only condition that person to try harder too succeed or to work even harder than before. Life itself is about taking chances and rather if we believe it or not, each of us take certain risk just simply by leaving the safety or confines of our own homes.  It doesn't matter how often we take those trips, because a simple drive to work, a walk to park or even a trip to the local grocery store can truly be a learning experience. The question is," Are you being to safe or not brave enough to take certain chances or risks, because you have a fear of being hurt, rejected, scared of failure or of making a simple mistake? Or maybe you are afraid of learning or trying something new or different? If you happen to answer yes to any of these questions, then it could be the main reason why you aren't yet, all the man or woman you could or want too be. It also may be the main reason why you haven't yet reached your goals, achieved true greatness or happiness. That's why each day every man or woman should examine or look within themselves and analyze their own hearts or current situations. Simply put no man or woman can find love, be truly happy or very successful, if they don't quite yet understand what they want for themselves. What most people should realize is that somethings are simply meant to be, while others just aren't. Psychoanalysis, is when a person learns or realizes that its not about looking or searching for something that's not within themselves or others, its about finding peace, love, understanding and building a true relationship with themselves. Write in then express your thoughts or view's on the subject.


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