Sorry Don't Make It Right!

If you ever been cheated on, used, beat on and abused the hardest thing to deal with, is the fact that even though you both know they did something horrible or wrong, the guilty party always keep telling lies. Like It wasn't me; I didn't mean to do it; I have changed; I promise to do better next time; I won't do it again or I will never hurt you again ; I love or want only you; I am leaving my boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, there is no him or her and that I am sorry! Not only that but they try covering it up with even more lies and have the audacity to think that you aren't smart enough to figure it out or think that you are stupid! When you have had enough and ready to move on with your life without them, that's when the apologies begin and all of the sudden or out of the blue, they can't live without you. Because they are sad or sorry, but Sorry Don't Make It Right!

 This may make you wonder to yourself or be compelled to ask them these questions, If you really care or loved me so much, why did you beat or hurt me, cheat on me, use me, treat me like a dog, play games with my body , mind or emotions and why whenever I wanted to talk or even when I text you, it goes straight to your voice mails or you ignore my phone calls? You say, that you are sorry, but it hurts and Sorry Don't Make It Right! If you happen to be reading this and experiencing what I  just wrote about. Please do yourself a favor and stop allowing your spouse or mate to make a fool out of you and wasting your valuable time! I know you care or love them and you are hoping that they will change. But please answer this question, If in fact they were going to change, don't you think they would have done it after all this time? Yes I know he or she keeps saying that they are sorry, they will change or make it right. The fact is long as you keep allowing them to do whatever they are doing to you, then they will just keep on doing it over and over again! Stop falling for the sorry act, because that's all it is and" Sorry Don't make It Right!!!" Write in then express your thoughts, views or express your opinions right below in the comment section.


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