The 6 Month Rule

Dating these days are complicated enough, but the question most people would ask is, not when its time or to early to have sex, but when should a couple be ready to move in together and live under the same roof? In years past it would be unheard of to move in with someone they just met, instead it was only proper to wait until they were married. But in today's time the rules of dating, relationships and marriage has changed big time. Sex is very easy to get, moving in or living together happens really fast or too quickly and most people fall in love then marry thee person, they just met in a matter of days, weeks or months. If someone was born in the 50's, 60's or 70's then they wouldn't have any problem waiting until they were married or knew that person for years before they moved in together. But people that were born in the 80's or 90's are a lot different, because they were born in the information age where life or time moves quickly and where people are used to instant gratification. In other words people these days are very impatient and are used to having things happen for them in an instant, including their relationships or marriages. No one these days wants to wait or work hard for it instead they, want that dream job, luxury car, big money, nice house and that Hollywood marriage without making any effort to get it! That's why I feel that people who are impatient should, try" The 6 Month Rule" and incorporate it into their dating or future relationships.

What is The 6 Month Rule? Simply its dating for the first 6 months and then moving in then living together sharing one roof for another 6 months. During this time period which is one full year, each person involved should learn, find and begin to know some very important facts about the person they are considering building a life with. Its my expert opinion that after one full year spent dating and then living together each involved should be able to gather enough facts or information to determine if they are willing to take their relationship to the ultimate level, which is marriage. During the first six months of dating each will begin to learn if they are truly compatible and have strong enough feelings to really include the other in theirs lives. That's when the relationship starts to grow or begins to go beyond dating and gets serious . Then both start spending more intimate, romantic moments or time together and when one or both start to introduce the other to their family or friends. After that is done then the couple could start living together, that way each could learn things about each other that they couldn't learn just by simply dating. During these 6 months living together nothing will be or could be hidden and during this time is where a bond could be made stronger or broken. Trust besides love is a must in every relationship and without it no one should ever consider marriage. That's why The 6 Month Rule is so important. 6 months of dating and another 6 months of living together is enough time in my opinion to determine if this person is worthy enough to take the relationship to it to the next level. Like my late grandmother would say, if you can't see the future in a person's eyes, then leave them it the past where they belong. In other words its 6 months in and another 6 months out. Try" The 6 Month Rule", today and watch your relationship change for a lifetime! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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