When And Where Did It All Go So Wrong?

Don't you just love dating, beginnings of relationships or marriages but really hate the breakups or the endings? The reason to love the start of them, especially if you happen to meet someone who you are very attracted to is that its feels so good, perfect and right! Picture this both of you have lots in common, great chemistry, each of you really enjoy the others company, sex is so awesome that you both can't seem to keep your hands off of each other or can't get enough and you both have a very strong connection to each other. You both feel like each of you have met the one , your true love or Soul Mates. Every time you each thing about the other, a smile comes over both of your face's and just the thought of that person really turns you on. Each or both of you gets very excited when you get a phone call text message or a simple e-mail from the other. When both of you are out in public together, dating or out attending social events the whole world starts to notice too. The fellas are congratulating you on finding the perfect woman and the ladies or girls are also happy, but at the same time are very envious. because of the way he makes you feel or smile. After a few more days, weeks or months go by together, both of your thoughts of each other begin to change , evolve and grow stronger. Hearts grow fonder, then true love begins to grow, but neither one of you is man or woman enough to say or mention the L word. Why? Well maybe each of you are afraid or fear the unknown, scared of what's going to happen next and also scared of being heartbroken. But if you both decide to wait or even think about it a little bit longer, Then the each of you in the future will begin to  wonder," When And Where Did It All Go So Wrong?

At most beginnings of every relationship and some marriages is where the true ended begins, because of the seed of doubt that are planted in each of our hearts or minds. Besides that there are certain warning signs that most of us don't pay attention to because we are so infatuated with the person we are interested in. Some people never forget about their hurts or pains from their past and most people often bring their bad baggage with them into their future relationships or marriages. On top of that many forget that good times or bad times are constant in life and every relationship or marriage will have their share of ups or downs. In today's time no one wants to struggle or go through anything which we all know is impossible. The fact is no one is perfect , we all will make mistakes and no one should allow a few bad moments spoil something that can turn into something special. As my late grandmother would say all of us have to go through the bad in order to get something good. In other words if you have someone that you feel in your heart that is truly special hold on to them and never let go. If you do one day in the future you will see them happy with someone else , it may make you wonder When And Where Did It All Go So Wrong? Write in then express your thoughts below in the comment section.


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