Knowledge And Wisdom

As I think back on my childhood, I notice something I wouldn't have thought of( because at the time I was a child) that my parents purposely planted seeds of knowledge, that latter grew in my mind as the years past by in my life. Which brings me to the topic or thought of the day," If you could give your children anything in the world, give them knowledge or wisdom. Because in time both money or material things will soon fade away. But knowledge or wisdom will stay in their hearts or minds forever and in time will become more valuable then any amount of money or material things that they may possess in the near future." Food for thought, If you only do what you can do today, you won't be any better tomorrow. In other words try harder, then go after your dreams or desires and your life can change for the better if you really want it too. Knowledge And Wisdom is the greatest gift a parent, man or woman can give today! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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