If you are like me, you would sometimes meet or come across some people that may question the way you act, live, react to certain friends or family members and won't do most things that people outside your own circle or world are doing everyday. Being the fact that they don't know you or your on going true life story. Certain people may feel or think that something is wrong with you, that you are strange, weird and my favorite word or quote unsociable. Its funny to me, how people can just judge or even think that they are qualified enough to give you advice, without knowing your situation. Every outsider, stranger, family member or friend thinks that they have a cure or a easy solution that can or may fix most of your issues in an instant.Their questions always start off with WHY! Why this, why is that, why aren't you, why you don't care, why doesn't it matter, why did you leave or why do you want to give up, why won't you give it another chance, followed by it shouldn't or you shouldn't be or feel like that? But that's okay, because as long as you can sleep at night stress free, without drama and with peace! Then you have something more valuable than any amount of money or material thing. The fact is that some people you have to love at a distance and with others not associate with them at all. WHY? Because if you walked a mile in my shoes, then you to would truly understand" WHY?" Write in then express your thoughts or views in the comment section.


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