Love Them From A Distance

The funny thing about love is that it isn't quite simple or easy and most of the time its awfully complicated. Finding someone to love you is very hard, but finding someone who is on the same page or share the same views as yourself, is just about impossible. That's why most people these days avoid dating, stay single or adopt alternative lifestyles because people are very tired of the games and really hate starting all over again. Being a relationship blog writer , life coach and with my own personal experience I can understand why most people these days, are very reluctant to get into another relationship and avoid dating all together. What makes its very difficult is when you think you finally found the one, they keep on doing the unthinkable and can't seem to keep their word. Or they make you promise after promise and keep on making excuses on why the two of you can't spend more time together but nothing ever happens. After a few months or a couple of years of the same old thing, a person can't help but get tired of waiting for the other person to get their act together.

 That's when the difficult choice is made, To Love Them From A Distance! Yes its hard, it hurts and you really feel the pain, because it not only hurts your heart, but you could also feel the pain deep inside your eyeballs. The decision to break up  or leave the man or woman you truly love alone, isn't an easy one to make . Because deep down in your heart out of all the people, created on this green Earth you truly believed that person was the one. But ask yourself this question how many more chances will you give them or how many more lies will you continue to listen too? They keep on lying, making promises after promises or  coming up with  stale excuses and say that they are going to change or act right, but you know in your heart that if you let them fool you again they will keep on hurting you. Saying its over is easy, but truly leaving them alone and loving them from a distance is something that takes a lot of courage. Why? Because no one wants to break up with a man or woman that they truly love and no one wants to give up or start over. But there is a time in every-ones life when you have to love family, friends and even that special love one from a distance. Its hard, its hurts like hell, you really don't want to do it, but when you Love Them From A Distance, it can not only be good for your heart or body and but also for your soul. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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