Imperfect Match Made Perfect

It doesn't matter who you are , how cool, hard or heartless, every single man or woman on Earth has a deep desire to be wanted, loved and treated like a real man or woman. Many people try to hide it by saying out loud or even thinking to themselves that they have no desire to be in a relationship. While others would say they don't ever want to be married and some would even go so far as saying that they are perfectly happy being single for the rest of their lives. The fact is no one wants to live that way, because deep down inside of each of us is the desire and want to belong to someone else. The problem is finding the right match, that can keep them happy in the bedroom , while also stimulating their minds on the outside. That part isn't easy because no one is perfect and even though the world is full of good beautiful people there are very few that have just about everything to make a perfect match. Even the people that can keep their other half happy in the bedroom and out has some very questionable flaws that are very hard to live with. Some have hygiene problems which means they aren't very good housekeepers or aren't very clean when it comes to taking care of their own bodies, while there are others that have anger or mental issues that they haven't yet dealt with. These key issues are just a few things that keep most men or women single for the rest of their lives, because even though no one is perfect, many are not willing to deal with others imperfections.

During my times as a relationship blogger and life coach I have found that just because you meet a person with flaws or imperfections doesn't mean that they won't turn out to be a good match. There are lots of men or women out there that are willing to learn from someone who truly loves them and will allow another person to mold them into the man or woman of that particular dreams. How? By simply introducing them to another lifestyle and showing them what could be done if they were allowed to live in a better world. Some people are who they are, because of the way they were raised and the environment that they currently live in. But if another loving person exposes them to something new, then that person can be made into an" Imperfect Match Made Perfect". In other words if a person happens to find a man or woman with a little flaws but shows Potential then they can change from an Imperfect Match Made Perfect. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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