From A Man's Point Of View

Being a single male, in America is a very difficult way of life especially these days, for most of us single men, that happen to have our credit straight, stable minded and acts together. Its doesn't matter what race or what part of the world you are from, dealing with opposite sex in general can be a chore, very hard or extremely difficult. Even though most women would think that most men like being single or enjoy dating more than one woman at time and also take pleasure with having several different sex partners, the fact is that most men that I know would rather  have, just one good woman. Although there happens to be more single women, statistically available then men, that doesn't mean that are they type of women, that most men seek when it comes to quality or one that they would take home to meet the family. In other words even though there are more single women in every city, town, state or country all over the world then men, most of these women will never settle down with a good man or even have a real chance at marriage. In fact in lots of cases where most of these women will never find true love, settle down or marry and if you look around your city you will find some who for some reason or other, that can't find a date, haven't found or been in love and some that never been in a real relationship. In other words just because a woman looks good, great or beautiful doesn't mean that some men will put up with their nasty attitudes. Yes lady or woman if you happen to be reading this no matter how good you look or how fine you may be, your mouth can run away even the most aggressive man. Even Alpha type of males have a low tolerance for, foolishness , mind games or bull shit and this is From A Man's Point Of View!

 Why? Because just like they are lots of available good women, there are also lots of women that are not mentally ready or prepared to date, then build a relationship or marry a good man or one that has his act together. This may sound funny to some women, but its a known fact that most women don't know what to do, how to act or how to treat a real man. While many or most women will or would blame men for their current, past issues, short comings, troubles or problems, most women won't admit that they also have lots of issues or problems that they themselves should deal with first, before dating, getting involved with a man in a real relationship. Even before they have the thought of dating they should first deal with whats going on deep down in their hearts , minds , body or soul before trying to seek companionship. Why? Because there is no man that can fix or heal a broken woman, but a good or great man can take her to places that she only dreamed of, only if she got out of her own way and allowed him too. In my humble opinion or my experience as a relationship expert most women are to busy listening or sharing the experiences of their girl, sisters or  home girls to understand what's its like to be or deal with a real man. If they instead tried understanding what a real man is all about instead of getting their advice bad from other women, they should first look at it From A Man's Point Of View. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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