You Are Only Hurting Yourself

It doesn't matter if its the holidays or any other normal day , if you happen to be single, divorced or still trying to get your life together,  if you keep on holding back then"You are Only Hurting Yourself". I know you may not want to hear or read this, but lets face the facts, a broken heart takes allot of time to heal and those emotional scars sometimes( if that particular person lets it) will stay with them for a lifetime. I hate to be the expert, guy or person to tell you ladies or gentlemen if you are allowing old hurts or pains keep you from truly living your life to the fullest, then you are keeping yourself, in your own self made prison and "You Are Only Hurting Yourself". Because the rest of the world will keep on moving right around you, while you turn into a hermit, crying to yourself to death or while others, keep moping, holding on to old grudges, being depressed or feeling sorry for themselves. While being mean to others and angry with the world or anyone who tries smile at you or help you. Then you may find yourself wondering to yourself, why doesn't anyone wants to hang around me or why haven't you yet found that someone special to love? If you took a hard look into the mirror then, I know you will find all of the answers you seek, of why you are in such a miserable state? Because its not because of anyone else and "You Are Only Hurting Yourself"!

 Its my firm belief that after a breakup or divorce everyone should take a break or sometime away from dating. So that they can find themselves again, regain any lost confidence that may have be taken and also to get over all of their past or current emotional issues before starting something new again. This shouldn't take a year and certainly not a few years, because that's a waste of valuable time that none of us has to waste. Life itself is to short and even though most people may feel that taking this time away from dating or from things that they enjoy, is healthy in reality it really isn't. In fact its so harmful that it will effect that particular person in the future in so many ways. How you may ask? Well their careers will begin to suffer and very soon after that they will have no social life at all. My advice to anyone who is now going through a breakup, divorce or has just had their heart broken. Take your time, then get over it as quick as you can and start living again. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and put your big boy or big girl pants on! Yes it hurts, you may feel that  it shouldn't have happened to you, but that's life and chances are this isn't the first time or last time you will be hurt again. Accept it as a part of life then move on, because in time you will meet someone that will love you and treat you like the real Prince, Princess, King or Queen that you pretend to be. But to those happen to be one of those bull headed, stubborn or the type of person who think's that they have life figured out then," You Are Only Hurting Yourself"! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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