You Aren't All That!!

Have you ever had this thought because I know I have, "It a shame for some people to be so beautiful, pretty, handsome, good looking or fine as hell to have a horrible, stinky and nasty attitude"? Its sad when some people in the world won't smile or say hello when spoken too and feel or think that they are entitled or above everyone else. This makes these men or women unapproachable and the main reason why most of them have no real friends or someone special to love! Just a simple change of a person's, attitude could be the difference between finding true love and also keeping them. No one male or female wants to deal with or get involved around someone with a nasty attitude and just because they may happen to have a great job, live in a nice neighborhood or drive a nice car doesn't make them better than anyone else. Why? Because all those material things can disappear in an instant, because things happen and that's just life. Yes their body might look better than most and some even have great looking hair , but in time with age that too will also fade away. The key to real happiness is having a loving heart. In other words when all those things you think that have made you look or feel so great fade away at least you will still have your heart and your dignity. Yes today you might think your shit doesn't stink, but live long enough and that won't be the only thing that stinks in your life. Why? Because You Aren't All That! Humble yourself be grateful for what you have and what you are today because tomorrow might be a different story. And those people that you feel are beneath you today, you might need them tomorrow or the near future! Because You Aren't All That!! Write in then express your thoughts of feelings on the subject.


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