If For No One Else

If there is one statement that I constantly try to communicate, preach, enforce or talk about every-time I come in contact with someone or write in my writings is that,"Life is too short and every-one no matter who they are or where they come from should their own live's to the very fullest. Which means enjoy life every single day, go out to eat , enjoy the latest movie, travel all over the country or world even if they have to do it by themselves. Everyday each and every-one of us should strive to be better people and also trying to get even better at being themselves. Before anyone should even think about getting in a relationship or try dating they must work on themselves. There is nothing more attractive to the opposite sex than a very confident man or woman that has their act together. Like my mother would say confidence breeds confidence and its effects just about everyone around it. Anyone who happens to be really sure of themselves will go a long way no matter what they decide to do while living on this journey called life.

That's why everyday every person should look for things that they can improve on in their own lives, like being a better communicator, a good listener, open their minds to new things or ideals, must also do anything possible to improve their physical and mental health. Because all of these things will help them further their careers and enhance their relationships or marriages. I have found once a person improves their own quality of their own lives then they become happier people and become better spouses or mates. When a man or woman is in good health, with good credit, grounded spiritually and has a means of supporting themselves to the level that makes them feel comfortable, then the stress or worry of being a good partner in the relationship simply fades away. That's why I encourage anyone who reads this to do whatever they can to improve their own lives so that one day they can become complete. Being in a relationship or marriage that's full of love, isn't the real key to happiness , because if that person isn't happy with themselves then no matter what another person may try to do will ever make them happy. If you happen to be reading this make yourself happy first, If Not For No One Else, please do it for yourself. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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